Shooting Down Conspiracy Theories about U.S. War with Iran


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8 Responses to Shooting Down Conspiracy Theories about U.S. War with Iran

  1. a follower says:

    So is he is saying there are no false flags period, no ifs ands or buts? So many of us are all insane?
    And yes i do see the extremist and do not buy into all presented..
    Does Bill Whittle understand the spirit world and what the True driving forces are?
    What does he believe? i think i will have a look.
    Can not seem to find anything definitive on or of his religious beliefs.

  2. Lara Kronberger says:

    Religion should have nothing to do with it… Religion has been used by the powerful to control the masses. This has been going on for as long as there has been religion of any kind. Because belief systems are harder to shake, they can be used to manipulate large numbers of people, usually using fear…

    What do they call these kinds of people today? BULLIES

    Bullies are those that use fear and violence to get others to conform to their ways and wishes. They call it tyranny in some circles, something we were warned about and is the VERY REASON for the United States of America.

    So it is irrelevant what religion or what spiritual nature this person has, other than to know how much and what kind of control those beliefs have over them.

    So what do you do to handle a bully? We have bully countries all over the globe, likely we are considered one of them, because we want everyone to be free to choose their religion and whatever else within the law that they want. (Within the law becomes tricky though, here in the US, considering it is so very easy to get either a state felony or federal felony conviction here in the good ole USA.)

    Most if not all Muslim countries are bullies or are affiliated with bullies, so it is as if they are bullies themselves. This is how their religion teaches, all others that are not muslim are infidels and should be banished from the earth. They can try to talk around that, deflect from it, but the facts remain the same of what the Koran says, which is death to the infidels. So we could say any individual country is a bully, but in reality, it is the religion that is the bully. Muslims aren’t the only ones… In Fact each religion taken to its extreme will bully anyone in their path, from the Catholics to the Jewish.

    I am not a mean person, but these facts about religion, its history and its use by those in places of power is self-evident. The actions of those in recent times only goes to support that even further. To deny this is to have your head buried in the sand with your fingers in your ear saying “lalalalala” to avoid hearing or seeing anything.

    • a follower says:

      i believe religion has everything to do with it. And i think you proved this. So it is not irrelevant!
      This is why i look into a person’s beliefs, a group’s beliefs, before climbing on board.
      Many do not seem to grasp True Religion, Pure Religion…, or understand what it is.
      God’s Law and “religion” is not to be spread by Force.

      James 1:27 Pure and undefiled religion before our God … -- Bible Hub

      • Lara Kronberger says:

        As a person that follows the Golden Rule as much as humanly possible and do my best to be a ‘good person’. Religion has nothing to do with it, God has not driven me or helped me or supported me, these are things that I do for myself or the community of people that I have around me are willing to do for me. Knowing someone’s belief system, is minor, because how they behave and the choices that they make regardless of their beliefs is what should be concerning.

        People as individuals are usually just fine, it is when they amass is when problems arise, because mob thinking takes over and bad things tend to happen.

        As you just did trying to essentially bully me by insulting me on matters that are of no concern to me, such as religion. Seems to me that you are effectively spreading it by force too… And anonymously to boot! Just like a fearful bully.

        • a follower says:

          i see there can be no conversation just the usual degrading into accusations and name calling.

          • Lara Kronberger says:

            I never called you a name, I only described your behavior. Unless your behavior is considered name calling?

            Now I’ll call you a name… since you’re afraid to show your name, you are really nothing but a Troll. I’m sure you know what that is, as likely you’ve been called that before.

          • a follower says:

            There is One Name perhaps we should all be aware of and it certainly is not mine.
            Back to the original article and why it does matter.
            Does Bill Whittle understand the spirit world and what the True driving forces are?
            When you understand the True driving forces of this world you may take on a different view of things and each other.

  3. Lara Kronberger says:

    You are the only one here that doesn’t see to understand how this world or this country works…. you are the one that hasn’t studied history well enough to see the patterns that have perpetuated for centuries.

    Those that refuse to study history are doomed to repeat it.

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