SOLAR LOCKDOWN: Plandemic & Grand Solar Minimum

A “SOLAR LOCKDOWN” has been announced across media outlets, and Forbes even declares we should fear! But why? And what is a Grand Solar Minimum anyway? Christian breaks down how the script is now in play for food shortages and offers a refresher on the impact of solar cycles.

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  1. a follower says:

    Nasa? Nasa has a history of being wrong and or not telling the Truth. Lies of ommisions.
    Also if you have been paying attn. The Government is in bed with Elon musk and they all seem to believe they have been granted axcess to the stars. Granted by whom? Look to the names of the space craft, look to the names of all things. Look at their logos. Whom is it this world worships?
    Why would the True God of the House of Israel grant this current world blessings and axcess to the stars and universe?
    Do you think that the ancient pagan rituals of sun worship has a role here? How about the word Corona? Is there a connection?
    Sun worship or Son worship the choice is ours.
    Who or what shall we fear (respect) believe in?
    Does any believer think a Vaccine is the answer and cure to the “invisible enemy” and war in these days and times?

  2. Andy says:

    Grand Solar Minimum… this is a very complex topic that is only fairly recently recognized by mainstream science. The sun has several cycles… obviously the 11 year sunspot cycle, in addition to longer period cycles where it’s energy output ebbs and flows, up to and including the 12,000 year cycle. Grand solar minimum is a period where the sun becomes very quiet, and it’s energy, especially “particle forcing” (which is for the first time being used in the study of climate science) is decreasing. When this happens, cosmic rays from interstellar space increase because the plasma energy of the sun is unable to block them. Additionally, this coincides with the reduction of the earth’s magnetic field which normally protects us from cosmic rays (they are related… remember, everything major that happens on the earth starts with the sun). This increases geological activity as well as cloud nucleation, thus increasing cloud cover, having the effect of reducing the temperature on the earth.

    We are currently in an interglacial period, which means we are between glacial ice ages. This period is about to end because of the above-mentioned reasons, and temperatures will go down. The effect will cause more ice and snow, increasing the reflectivity of the earth, and lower the temperature even more. In addition to this, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is extremely low (a direct conflict to the global-warming hysterics) and plants on earth are starving. Remember, CO2 is plant food. As more carbon is locked up as temps go down, plant life will continue to dwindle. (At the peak, the earth had about 1500ppm carbon dioxide in the atmosphere… we are about 10% of that now). That was an interglacial period 200 million years ago where the entire planet was warm and life flourished on every continent.

    There is a fantastic series on the coming cooling period by someone who studies actual science, and it is well worth the hour or so of time to watch the video below, then to watch his other videos and learn about what is happening. Not only is the earth cooling, but the sun’s nearing the peak of it’s long-term periodic cycle, approximately every 12,000 to 13,000 years where it sheds dust picked up from interstellar space. We’re a little past that 12,000 year mark, and the shedding of this material is called a micronova, which is triggered by an interstellar plasma sheet (imaging the ripples in a pond when you toss in a rock and each ripple is 12,000 years apart) and that sheet is now hitting Pluto, which is between us and the galactic center where the sheet originates. It’s kind of nasty, and can cause serious problems, including dramatic heating of the atmosphere, causing major ocean evaporation, which then falls to earth as snow shortly afterward (think Woolly Mammoths frozen solid in the arctic with undigested food in their stomachs). That was about 12,000 years ago, and geologic history can trace back previous micronovas to about 72,000 years with good accuracy.

    Do I believe it? Yes, I do. I think all of us have known that something was going to happen in our lifetimes, something major, and that is why we prepare for it. It’s gonna be a doozy.

    Here’s the video link…

  3. Andy says:

    Here’s a short video from his daily report that mentions the effect on Pluto from the galactic sheet/wave…

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