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I received this comment on the post concerning the arson attack on a gun range.

Thanks for the info — even though I live out west, it just makes me want to double down and work harder —- wasn’t planning on going to the range today but I think I will — re-check “zero’s” on weapons. Also start taking and introducing folks who don’t shoot out to the local range — The more they push the more (and harder) we push back —- keep pushing, just keep pushing. S/F

Since “zero’s” has been a point of discussion in the home area lately, here is some free advice.

  1. If you own a rifle without optics or iron sights, you should not own a rifle.
  2. If you own a rifle that is not zeroed, what are you waiting for?
  3. If you own a rifle that has optics and/or iron sights but do not know how to zero, find out or get some training.
  4. If you own a rifle that has not been checked for zero in a year, now is a good time to check. Also check batteries and backups.
  5. If you cannot see a target at 25m to zero, go to an optometrist or sell your rifle. We have removed people from training who could not see the target. In fact, I strongly encourage everyone to get an eye exam if you have not had one in the past two years.
  6. If you know how to zero your rifle, are you proficient enough to train other people? Training is the best way to excel. And stay above ground.

Now reread the above comment and ask yourself if you are working hard enough? If you do not answer “yes”, read the news for motivation because the other side is on the move.

David DeGerolamo

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  2. Norseman says:

    Probably better bone up those pistol skills too so you can make it to the truck where that rifle is .you do carry your pistol everywhere all the time right ?

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