Some Return Fire Anticipated ?

Special Forces Launch War Drill In 21 North Carolina Counties Next Week

At the end of next week, residents across North Carolina will see a series of Special Forces war exercises, including heavy caliber gunfire, simulated bombs, helicopters, and whatever else encompasses a warzone, is being held in 21 North Carolina counties starting Aug. 03. The Army told residents don’t panic if they hear gunfire at the middle of the night or early morning.

The war exercise, known as “Robin Sage,” is considered one of the most extensive training exercises in the US and started in the early 1950s, reported The Charlotte Observer.

Robin Sage will be held in complex urban environments in North Carolina. Hostile forces will battle Special Forces students, volunteer civilians, and soldiers from Fort Bragg. The training concludes on Sept. 12, said an Army press release.

Full Story: ZeroHedge

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3 Responses to Some Return Fire Anticipated ?

  1. David says:

    No return fire anticipated. This is a yearly training exercise for SF.

    • Hans says:

      My title about “return fire” was an attempt to make a snarky reference to the poor communications in a prior years’ exercise where a deputy killed a participant.

  2. John Kummer says:

    As David said, “Business as usual”. Having said that, as the exercise scale escalates, foreign actions are pretty much a given.
    God bless, John

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