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The event in Virginia on January 20th is not a rally or a protest. It is an annual event to lobby the legislature on what their legislative agenda should be according to their constituents. I understand that this year’s main issue is the expected legislation to limit the 2nd Amendment rights of Virginians.

I would not go to other states to try to influence their legislation as long as it does not impact North Carolina. I also do not want people from other states coming to North Carolina to lobby, rally or protest how we conduct our state’s affairs. I saw more than I could stomach of these outside agitators under the Obama administration.

If you are not a Virginian and plan on going to their lobby day to support the 2nd Amendment, that is your business. If you are not a Virginian and plan on going to impact the running of another state’s affairs, ask yourself if this was the intent of our forefathers. Consider this: if Michael Bloomberg from New York had not influenced this election, Virginia would not be in this situation. I will not say it is the fault of Virginians that this manipulation of the electoral process happened, but I will say it is the responsibility of the Virginian people to remedy this. And it is everyone’s responsibility to be vigilant so that we do not allow this to happen in our individual states as happened in North Carolina with the election of Roy Cooper.

I have no doubt that Virginians will be well represented in Richmond on the 20th. If you go, please be respectful of the purpose of this day.

David DeGerolamo

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12 Responses to Something to Consider

  1. William Sullivan says:

    When Connecticut passed their registration/assault weapons ban, the CCDL held a rally on the steps of the capitol. New Hampshire (among others) sent a couple of busloads down to show their support, and so did other states. We were proud to have them. This is an interstate matter, because they are depriving people of their rights under the federal Constitution. I am now in NC, and if there was a bus going up I would give strong consideration to going there.

    • David says:

      But this is not a rally against legislation already passed. This is a day to lobby the Virginian legislature to not pass any laws restricting the 2nd Amendments on a state level.

  2. a follower says:

    Like it or not our ‘collective’ enemy does know where we stand. And good for the Virginians (constituents) who are vigilant in this process!

  3. LunkerMack says:

    With all due respect Mr. DeGerolamo,
    That Bloomberg has influenced the State Govt. in Virginia is PRECISELY why ALL Americans should support 2nd Amendment efforts there. What happens there will affect all of us, good or bad.

    • David says:

      I understand your point and I believe I could argue the same in a debate. I personally don’t want to use their tactics to win. We then become what they are. I would rather have us become vigilant and adhere to the principles of our forefathers. It may come to a point in time where we will have to stoop to their level. Let’s hope we are not there yet.

      • NOG says:

        I respectfully disagree. Just because you use their tactics against them does not make you ” become what they are”. That is just how the Republicans in congress behave. They seem to lose a lot, but by golly they feel good about themselves.
        I also disagree about showing up in Virginia. Those gun control laws did not start there, nor will they stop there. This is a national fight. The best case would be a honest one million people show up and really send a message, It stops here. It stops now. The left would love a disjointed right so they can pick us off one by one. Everyone stand firm and support each other sends a message. Their evil won’t work in the US.

  4. D says:

    Worthwhile video from Rex (of the old Sniper 101 videos) about the coming Richmond rally, goals and risks.

  5. Arch Stanton says:

    If we ever go to Virginia it won’t be to rally.

  6. Matt says:

    The congressional tyrants in VA won’t know if the people at the capitol are from VA or Mars. They will however see the large(r) numbers and hopefully reconsider their stance on gun restrictions.

    • David says:

      A valid point. I know that lobby days in Raleigh consisted of actually visiting the new members in their offices. Do you remember the reason why the founders hated Democracy?

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