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1 month ago

Looks iffy. Coords don’t line up with the names.

1 month ago

National Geographic Trails Illustrated Maps
More than 20 Years of trail-tough maps that guide you to—and through—your favorite destinations

With more than 250 titles available for America’s favorite outdoor destinations, Trails Illustrated maps are the most trusted and popular recreation maps available. Continually setting the standard for accuracy, each map is crafted in conjunction with local land managers and undergoes rigorous review and enhancement before being printed on waterproof, tear-resistant material. Each Trails Illustrated map contains detailed topographic information, clearly marked trails, recreational points of interest, and navigational aids. (Website Description)

These are great maps if they cover a location you are interested in. I love them because of their durability, clear details, and the inclusion of hiking trails, horse trails, biking trails, and ATV trails. They also have some blueway maps for the river lovers out there like myself. (If someone out there is a white water kayaker let me know, we should try to link up and paddle together.) Those of you that live in around Appalachia should definitely look into these maps. I highly recommend the National Geographic Trails Illustrated Maps.