Something Wicked This Way Comes: Less than a week to prepare – do this now!

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  1. In addition to canned goods, don’t forget your basics: flour, sugar, salt, cooking oil, coffee and tea, yeast, root veggies that store well, etc.
    You’re going to be doing a lot of “home cooking” if the grocery store shelves are empty so, don’t forget your meats and canned tuna, etc., as well.
    And if this is new to you young folks, get a basic cook book; you’ll need it.
    Good luck, God’s speed and Keep the Faith, folks!
    PS:Don’t forget to pick up some veggie seeds, too. You may be doing some gardening come springtime.

  2. Red in OleVirginny says:

    I’ll share something about myself only a few close associates know -- and date myself at the same time.
    Romanian Revolution 1989 -- I was there and provided assistance to the Romanian people. The brave folks that took to the street and fought and died for their Freedom from communism. Things build slowly (what we are seeing now) and then happen VERY FAST. People die. Maybe you and your friends. Maybe me and mine. It’s not about me -- my time is waning. God will decide.
    Best case:
    Jan 17th (18th a fed holiday) Trump declares Insurrection Act. Invokes EO on foreign interference in election.
    Fighting in streets.
    Arrests and Military Tribunals to follow for traitors.
    Gov’t and financial reform.
    Worst case:
    communists and traitors assume control
    Bloody war to follow.

    Either way it’s going to get ugly. I’ve done my best through the years to help others prepare for what I feel is coming. It’s been an honor and a pleasure. I wish you all well.
    Best Regards,
    Red in OleVirginny

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