SouthernPrepper1: Civil War to Restore our Republic?

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7 Responses to SouthernPrepper1: Civil War to Restore our Republic?

  1. RLJohnson77 says:

    Time will tell. Beans, bullets and Bibles.

  2. norseman says:

    I’ve felt for some time a true civil war is the biggest threat to our country .after watching the video about the Spanish civil war I feel this way more strongly .and yes Lon Trump is not the answer .We are being set up with the same old choices that always seem to crop up in these situations .the communist sanders .the socialist clinton the fascist trump .I’m just wondering who is hiding in the wings that we arent aware of . of course we still have to worry about the dictator who is still in office .couple all these with the fact that most people will do almost anything to feed their family in hard times and it could really get fractured in a hurry .what side will you choose ?what are your principles and what happens to them when there is no law ? who will you be and who are you willing to follow ?of course Jesus but I’m talking about man ?there is a very short list of those men who garner my respect enough that I’m willing to risk my life and the life of my family to follow their orders .that being said I would lay down my life to save somebody I don’t even know .I suppose this is a bit of a ramble as is southern prepper’s but it is best to ask the questions before you need the answer than after .

    • a follower says:

      Thanks Norseman, am in agreement. It would appear my comment has been removed?
      Happens frequently. Have a good day.

  3. channelcatA1 says:

    It is time for civil war to restore our constitutional republic. It will only get harder the longer we delay.

  4. Mark says:

    Sometimes I think one of the plausible reasons the U.S. seems to be absent from End Times prophecy (or at least playing no major role) is because we tore ourselves apart through Civil War and became irrelevant. Or taken out in an EMP? Or by God’s long overdue judgement???

    It certainty seems to me we are heading into Civil War…I am preparing for it…Just like RLJohnson said: Beans, bullets, and Bibles…plus I am getting as tribal as I can with like-minded individuals on a local level.

    I feel exactly like the author of the video…and I’m not going quietly into the night either.

  5. Piper says:

    Why did Youtube remove the video?

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