SouthernPrepper1: My government makes it easy to decide and live with my decision

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4 Responses to SouthernPrepper1: My government makes it easy to decide and live with my decision

  1. Average Joe says:

    Interesting video.

    I do have one bone to pick being a question. When he questions our side about ‘getting in the streets’, has he not heard of LaVoy? While the ‘other side’ maybe be able to protest in peace, profanity, attacks, rioting, burning, looting, and murder, while being ‘given space,’ our side is shot and killed while driving to the office of the sheriff.

    Lastly, I’d like to offer an expression of appreciation for pointing out who established the country and eluding to the fact that as we have moved away from that heritage our liberties have eroded.

  2. Mark says:

    Civil War Two isn’t just a nightmare anymore. Social Political and economic forces are pulling America apart driving her toward a bloody war that may fracture the nation into several different countries. divided along ethnic lines. Riots…gangs…militias…exploding crime rates…mass immigration…rising unemployment…falling wages…these all are factors that will fuel the fires of war.

    The above statement/paragraph was taken word from word from the back cover of CIVIL WAR TWO…The Coming Breakup of America written by Tomas W. Chittum Published in 1996!

    Ten years ago this book predicted where the Fractured States of America was headed and the book is amazing in how many of its 10 year old predictions have actually come to pass or are trending to happen. What is even scarier is what the book predicts for the next four years.

    At the back of the book is a Civil War 2 Checklist of 36 points….WRITTEN in 1996…the predictions and trends that have come true of these 36 points are uncanny. I pray we are not headed for Civil War 2…but it appears to me to be on track and gaining momentum.

    I’m with the American Patriot and Prepper who made this video -- it was like watching a tour of my own rural compound and mostly listening to myself rant as I prepare to make my stand. I have been in the streets in DC (twice) and Raleigh a bunch of times and will go back again…we need massive numbers protesting and uniting as in the 9/12 DC gathering and multiple constant big number protests. LETS SHUT DC DOWN FOR A WEEK!

    His words about Trump fit me at this point as well.

    I’m shopping for a militia (so far unsuccessfully). I am constantly preparing to have independent water, food, power, and money. Last but not least I take serious Obama’s, Hillary’s (and the Left’s) threat to disarm the American people…and I am preparing to defend the 2nd Amendment -- with the 2nd Amendment.

    We have no choice if the 2nd Amendment is taken away by five lawyers in black dresses -- Bang a gong…Civil War 2 will be on.

  3. norseman says:

    my question would be why the second amendment ? there are many things any one of us could name right now that aren’t constitutional !why do we have to wait till they decide our fate ? why do we have to let them be inside our ooda loop ? and why are we sitting typing on the computer when we could be out preparing our bodys and minds to handle what their about to experience ? I do realise these things are tounge in cheek ish but we do have the time and abillity to do these things now as when we do need them we wont have any time and finding the resources to train you will be much harder because they will be busy using those skills !get out every day make a goal and meet it then push yourself harder every day to meet bigger goals .don’t give up hope in GOD or your brothers we are all flawed and we will all let each other down somewhere .

  4. Patricia Logue says:

    Thank you for your courage.

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