State Board of Elections sends a message to the TEA Party: “Shut up and fall in line as we tell you to.”

/editorial/recurring/masthead.random.shots.jpgThe North Carolina State Republican Board of Elections met this morning (12-20-13) at 9:00 a.m. and kicked off the meeting with a real “Boss Hog” attitude.

The State Board of Elections is the state agency charged with overall responsibility for overseeing the administration of the elections process and campaign finance reporting in North Carolina. The State Board itself is composed of five members, who are political appointees of the Governor.

The Board Chairman is Joshua B. Howard (R) with Secretary Rhonda K. Amoroso (R) and Members Joshua D. Malcolm (D), Paul J. Foley (R) and Maja Kricker (D).

On the agenda for this morning’s meeting were charges brought by William Buonanno, a neighbor of Larry Britt in Blounts Creek in Beaufort County, who charged that Delma Blinson was breaking an elections law by making a motion at the October 17, 2013 Beaufort Patriot Tea Party meeting to endorse Greg Brannon for US Senate. Under NCGS 163-39, Dr. Blinson had every right to act as an individual, not representing the Beaufort County Board of Elections, to participate in making the motion for the Tea Party to endorse Greg Brannon. It should be noted that Dr. Blinson’s participation in the meeting did not become public until Buonanno filed his complaint.

NCGS § 163-39 reads:

No individual subject to this Article shall:


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