Statement of Governor Ralph S. Northam on Lobby Day Demonstration

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RICHMONDWe are all thankful that today passed without incident. The teams successfully de-escalated what could have been a volatile situation. This resulted from weeks of planning and extensive cooperation among state, local, and federal partners in Virginia and beyond.

Virginia’s law enforcement and first responders demonstrated tremendous professionalism. I’m proud of their work. I have spoken with Colonel Settle of the State Police, Colonel Pike of the Capitol Police, and Chief Smith of the Richmond Police Department, as well as leaders of the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office, and thanked them for keeping Virginia safe. 

Thousands of people came to Richmond to make their voices heard. Today showed that when people disagree, they can do so peacefully. The issues before us evoke strong emotions, and progress is often difficult. I will continue to listen to the voices of Virginians, and I will continue to do everything in my power to keep our Commonwealth safe.

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12 Responses to Statement of Governor Ralph S. Northam on Lobby Day Demonstration

  1. Cederq says:

    Yeah, eat me coonman.

  2. johnnyreb says:

    POS> He was hoping for a different outcome the lyin’ commie bastard. Fooled ya, huh?

  3. Hadenoughalready says:

    Great! Thank you!
    Now RESIGN~!

  4. PB in Virginia says:

    God was with us there today. We started the day at 0400 with this prayer:

    We started this day with a prayer. I added a little to the prayer Matt sent.

    Good Morning Good Patriots:

    Oh dear lord, descend upon Virginia, be here with the freedom granted by the moment you create so I may experience you.

    A timeless heart with infinite love bound to nothing. Forever standing, my legs are your legs. Strengthen them! Fill us with mercy, the divine witness. Bring your sword, sharpen it with the light of 1,000 stars. May the wicked be cured.

    And if today we are confronted by the evil of the state that we are here to stand against, give us discernment dear Father and make our reflexes fast, our backs strong, our aim accurate and our hearts bold. For we are here to defend the very rights that You endowed us with.

    In the wonderful and holy name of JESUS.


  5. Jim Wiseman says:

    Thing is, it would have turned out exactly the same whether his “teams” were there or not: a peaceful protest.

  6. Exring says:

    I noticed he recognized the people that did NOTHING and ignored those that acted like responsible Citizens/Patriots. I guess a “pat on the head” for accidentally peaceful presence of Citizens/Patriots is all we “FREE AMERICANS” deserve for our participation in the Political Process. I sense it is NOT OVER!

  7. Carl B. says:

    What a steaming pantload. Drop dead, Coonman.

  8. Tom says:

    To those folks in VA and everyone who stood I offer my deepest thanks. Well done, was praying for all y’all.

  9. a follower says:

    Grateful to God, and the people for holding it together.
    From what we were able to see, it reminded us somewhat of restoring honor. Thought the turnout was great.

  10. a follower says:

    “Be True to what you said on paper”

  11. Gryphon says:

    Chances are slim that Coonman was even in Richmond, never mind at the Statehouse.
    And there is No Chance Whatsoever that the commies ‘got the message’ the People were sending them. What we saw was that if ‘too many’ Armed People confront the .gov and their (p)Orcs, the Cowards won’t do anything to ‘start something.’

  12. DAN III says:

    There you have it from the jackass’ mouth….the Federal government scum were involved in a state issue ! So much for Donald Trump being for citizen’s.

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