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Excerpt from the Anarchist News:

Hello. I am dying, inside and out, and I need wildness. I need freedom. I need resolve to this life long battle for acceptance of myself. I need to know the feeling of an unlit night. I need to adventure. I need to return to the place where I was born. To be attached to life at every moment. To be wild and free. I need to come alive! I cannot do it without you. So, put down your sign and raze the buildings to the earth with me…the whole world is waiting.

Is this typical of the people occupying cities across the nation? As we watch the reincarnation across the country of Lenin’s useful idiots, phase II of Occupy [Insert City] has started. The success of phase I in under three weeks puts this “movement” on track for their original goal of October 15th’s event. Now that the media and celebrities are joining their unnamed cause, the labor unions are coming out to help their brothers and sisters.

The truth is that the top down approach from the federal government is now organizing a bottom up attack with the help of the labor unions. The goals will soon be irrelevant. We are heading into either an insurrection, civil war or revolution.

David DeGerolamo

October 15 – Freedom Plaza everywhere

October 15, 2011 has been declared a global day of revolution. All over the world, people will stand together to end the corruption and power of the economic elite. We will stand for a new world that is peaceful, just and sustainable.

United National Antiwar Committee (UNAC) has been calling for local actions on October 15th to stand for an end to war and to use our resources instead for human needs. October2011 has been supporting their call to action.

The October 15 solidarity actions now have even greater significance in light of the actions happening around the world.

The October2011 Movement chose Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC for several reasons. It is located between the White House and Congress and close to the Chamber of Commerce and K St, where many other corporate lobbyists have their offices. The name is similar to the Plaza where protests happened in Egypt (Tahrir or “Liberation” Square).

We encourage as many people as possible to come to Washington, DC for the October 6 action. Our numbers are important to effectively stop the machine, corporatism and militarism, and create a new world, one that is peaceful, just and sustainable. For those who cannot be in DC on October 15th, you can be part of this historic day of world revolution by creating your own Freedom Plaza in your community.

You can learn more about the global actions below the video. Please let know if you are planning a solidarity action. And you can post your actions on the UNAC website.

The economic elite have the money. However, we outnumber them. Through protest, nonviolent action and building democratized institutions, we will put human needs above corporate profit. We can solve our crises with evidence-based and just solutions. We can bring dignity to ourselves, our country and the world. Join the World rEvolution.



All links to actions have been collected here: we will update this web on a 2 days basis or so.
Find them below listed all actions on different locations and links for further info:
Mayor financial districts worldwide will be occupied.
San Francisco, US:
Los Angeles, US:
Madrid, Spain:
Valencia, Spain:
Paris, France:
Confirmed, Assembly is deciding place, it will be together with the marches.
Stuttgart, Germany:
Occupy börsenstrasse
London, UK:
Toronto, Canada
Milan, Italy:
Athens, Grece:
Hellenic Stock Exchange
Lisbon, Portugal:
Portugal, Porto:
To be confirmed:
#OCCUPYMARTINPLACE in Sydney, Australia
#OCCUPYBANKENVIERTEL in Frankfurt, Germany
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Other Actions:
Barcelona, Spain:
Barcelona Hub International Meting.
International meeting of social organizers in order to set a plan for a global rally on 15th October.
Paris, France:
Marches from Greece, France, Spain, Italy, etc. will arrive to Paris and there will be a big demonstration there.
Marches to Rome starts.
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