Straightjacket, No Chaser

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It’s official: the Left has gone insane. We don’t mean metaphorically insane – we mean true foaming at the mouth, howling at the moon, hibbity-bibbity-bibbity lip-burbling, farting in the bathtub and snapping at the bubbles while giggling insane. And they’re running around loose!

Consider these factoids from just the past few days: Hillary Clinton compared the GOP toterrorists because they don’t support the killing, dissection, and sale of dismembered infants. Not certifiable enough? Then how about her claim that any GOP candidate who supports enforcement of our border and immigration laws is essentially a Nazi who plans to “unleash a massive law enforcement effort– including perhaps National Guard and others–to go and literally pull people out of their homes and their workplaces, round them up…put them in boxcars.”


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1 Response to Straightjacket, No Chaser

  1. Average Joe says:

    Does anyone really expect honestly from a dishonest person? As my high school coach was fond of repeating….”ah, you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken sheet.”

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