Street preacher attacked in Seattle’s autonomous zone: ‘Stop choking me!’

A street preacher entered the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle, where his free speech was stifled, physically assaulted, and choked. Elijah Schaffer of BlazeTV, who is the host of the “Slightly Offens*ve” podcast, was reporting from the CHAZ on Saturday and captured some unnerving video.

The New York Times wrote an article about the CHAZ titled “Free Food, Free Speech and Free of Police: Inside Seattle’s ‘Autonomous Zone.'” However, speech may not be as free as advertised. Several people in the CHAZ demanded that the preacher be removed from the autonomous zone for speech about Christianity that offended them.

One person in the CHAZ didn’t believe the street preacher should be expelled from the autonomous zone, and he was immediately called a “f***king Nazi sympathizer.”

At the border of the autonomous zone, a man was armed with a .50-caliber Desert Eagle.



There will be no place for the religious foundation and Liberties upon which this country was built. Once we recognize that this civil war is a war against evil, the sides are easily delineated. And take note, I did not write impending civil war because we are here.

David DeGerolamo

h/t Lucy

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  1. Timothy E. Tucker says:

    These events call for the formation of local and state militias, our constitutional right

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