Supreme Court Rejects Confederate Emblem Appeal

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2 Responses to Supreme Court Rejects Confederate Emblem Appeal

  1. Hans says:

    “…the state attorneys said a lawsuit must show an “allegation of discriminatory treatment,” and Moore failed to do that.”

    What more needs to be said ?

    With regard to other allegations:

    “…the flag is an oppressive symbol that his daughter, who’s now 7, should not have to face in her public school.

    After 8 years of having to look at the Marxist in Chief, have my wealth transferred to social justice programs, and live under the very real oppression of collectivism in a land that once celebrated capitalism and individualism… I’d say his daughter and I experience about the same levels of distress over our lifetimes.

  2. Average Joe says:

    “when you look at da flag you think of the Confederacy you think of slavery. We trying to get outta that time but some people in a time warp.”

    I couldn’t agree more and it’s way past time that we look at the efforts for Southern Independence for what they are/were as opposed to the propaganda of the victors who seek to justify their actions, as well as crimes, rather than addressing the true and root cause of that avoidable tragedy.

    Either way and in he end it is a fight for who will control the country and the power all government wield. By invasion or breeding there can only be one.

    Y’all have a nice day.

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