Survival will be the only game that matters.

The day after Election Day in 2020 is the day America fractures. There is no more coexistence with the Left in America, for Leftists have already decided they will never accept the outcome of any election they don’t win. They reject the rule of law; they despise facts that don’t fit their delusional thinking; they have zero tolerance for a diversity of ideas; and they are seething with hatred for their own country and wish to see it overrun and destroyed economically, politically, culturally and geographically. Leftists are a cancer on society, and sooner or later, they must be eliminated from all positions of influence and power.

Stop trying to appease these insane, deranged, mentally ill lunatics and start thinking about where you want to be when Civil War Two gets underway. If you’re caught in a liberal city — Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Austin, Baltimore, New York, etc. — you will likely experience a rapid collapse of infrastructure as rural America fights back by cutting off supply lines to the cities.

Presently, conservatives who are being vilified, censored, defamed, violently attacked, smeared and bullied are still being polite. But there is likely a point beyond which conservative America says enough is enough; it’s time to defend the border, arrest the traitors, dismantle the tech giants, deport the illegals, protect the integrity of elections and defend our constitutional republic. That day is probably not far off, given the current behavior of the lawless Left.

Once Civil War Two begins, and conservatives decide to fight back, the scenarios described in this article will happen with shocking speed. Leftists will find themselves outgunned, outsmarted and living in Third World conditions. The cities will implode. Political correctness will collapse. Survival will be the only game that matters.


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  1. Excellent analysis. A couple of additions -- for the sake of complete discussion. (Again, NOT advocating action, just clarifying the technical issues.)

    1. Bio-sludge is the output FROM waste treatment plants, after bacterial decomposition and pH neutralization. Don’t forget the main gravity sewer lines that carry waste TO the plants. Dropping bridges stops export of sludge, but plugging the sewer mains upstream prevents treatment and creates breeding grounds for bacterial diseases. Smaller scale, less visible. A few bricks and a couple of bags of Quikcrete down a manhole . . .

    2. Large server farms have more than one Achilles heel that won’t injure the local (rural) population. Loss of cooling can shut them down or degrade performance. Most server farms are upgrading electronics to increase acceptable operating temperatures and reduce cooling loads, but they are far from done. Cutting local power forces them onto back-up generator power, but there is no backup to a monkey-wrenched chiller or generator. Hearts and minds . . .

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