T.L. Davis: Are You Human?

The peoples of the Western world are being asked a very simple question by their leaders: Are you human? Now, that would seem like a very silly question to ask and an even sillier question to answer, except that it has been asked by Western leaders before, but not of their own people. They have asked this question of Africans and Americans prior to colonizing their lands, but the rub is the way in which that question is asked and even more consequential is the way it is answered.

The way Western leaders ask this question is by flooding other people into a given space already occupied by someone else. They don’t care that the residing people had been there for centuries, or that they had built upon the land, cultivated it and that their religion and genealogy is tied to it. All of these things would seem to answer the question in the affirmative. Yes, we are human, we have built families here, engaged in business, improved the lands, built temples upon it and reside here.

But, that is not an answer that the Western leaders recognize. They do not reply: “Oh, sorry to have bothered you, didn’t realize you had gotten your whole civilization started and running without us. Never mind.” They just continue to flood the land with other people and let them battle it out for survival. This is the gladiatorial stage of the operation as far as they are concerned. They don’t care who wins, because they will remain in control, because the question was not properly answered.


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