T.L. Davis Newsletter Number 4

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Is it possible to recognize the United States of America as anything other than a fraud? Is it possible to view a bank, built of brick and mortar as anything other than a refuge for the Federal Reserve? A lie? There is no money, there is only a digital imprint of a transaction. A representation of money, of value, where there is none, but the belief, the recognition of amounts. Let that illusion, that belief, falter and the whole game is up, the whole fraud revealed.

The government is no less a fraud than that. They, having made the laws, cannot be bound by them. They, having established the nation cannot be loyal to it. They, having determined citizenship disregard it. They, having established borders refuse to recognize them. They, having sworn an oath refuse to adhere to it. The government is a game played by cheaters in contempt of the referees.

Show me one Western nation faithful to its people: Is France? Is Britain? Is Italy? Is Canada? Is America? Even Donald Trump, with his make-believe wall and immigration policy is no match for the truth, that all leaders of Western nations are beholden to foreign interests, globalists or communists; no one more so than Hillary Clinton. Voting would not have prevented anything, but made the truth more palatable.

Unlike a few years ago when I was expounding on the loss of legitimacy of the federal government, I am not virtually alone and I say “virtually” because I was not the only one, but I was targeted, defamed as a racist and placed on the SPLC radar, because then it was racist. It is no longer racist to believe that the federal government is a criminal organization, it is broadcast every night on cable news, but they are as fraudulent as the Obama Administration and continue the cover up, That Donald Trump inherited a bureaucracy that has not and cannot operate as a legal entity makes him as much a criminal as any other president dating back to Bill Clinton, including George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Legitimacy is no longer available to any president, they aren’t even the head of state in a bureaucratic dictatorship; some measly DOJ official is the acting head of government in all things, but international relations.

The bureaucracy has effected the coup and their conspirators wander the halls of NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC and FOX NEWS, seeking air time to publicize the books detailing how they effected the coup and why it is impossible to launch a counter-coup. Trump supporters need to come to grips with the fact that Donald Trump came about twenty years too late to effect change on any of the issues he was elected to resolve. The die is cast, the corruption insurmountable. The only question left is how to engage the enemy.

First, recognize the fact that there are enemies of the people and that freedom cannot be had with the current system. They are not only enemies of the republic, but of patriotic Americans personally and individually. The next president will have access to and use to effect the voting roles, who is white and a registered Republican and the carnage can begin with glowing media coverage of the elimination of the enemies of the people’s republic.

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3 Responses to T.L. Davis Newsletter Number 4

  1. nancyccta says:

    As soon as Texas is flipped to blue you will never see another Republican president. It won’t take long.

  2. Please check out latest on https://revisedhistory.wordpress.com about Abolitionists and Illuminists working together to promote One World Govt. posted on 3/15/19.

  3. David Leflar says:

    The truth. The long wait before the first volley is what is hardest. Lord God almighty, come quickly!

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