T.L. Davis: The Eighty Million

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We have arrived at a moment in time when everything is on the line. Not just in America, but worldwide. The pandemic that has seen government leaders alternating their views from “follow the science” to “we’re smarter than the science” depending on whether that “science” calls for lockdowns or not. This is massive global control of the population. It’s a test of freedom, of the resolve of the people to be free and it is global. 

The 2020 American election was rigged from the get go to achieve the ultimate coup. The greatest nation was confronted with an open plan for communism through the election of Joe Biden and they rejected it soundly, repudiated it. Looking at the construction of the cabinet he is putting together, we see that it is designed almost specifically to carry out massive oppression of the people. This was never a free choice of the people to go in this direction, but even if it was, we are Americans. We cannot be enslaved, even by choice, that is the purpose of the rights we all hold equally; rights to assemble; rights to arms; rights to freedom of thought; but most importantly the right to a republic. No other form of government is acceptable. It is also why Biden intends to pack the court, to overturn  our rights. It is why our oaths are really to each other more than to a document that can be edited in so many illegal ways. 

But, here we are. In the few short weeks between the obviously rigged election and the inauguration of either Donald Trump or Joe Biden, we have to make our stand. There is no way to prove an election was stolen if those who stole it refuse to recognize the proofs put before them. To expect them to accept these proofs is a form of insanity. They are communists and operate through propaganda and force.


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  1. a follower says:

    Was the House of Israel (His people) ever brought down, ever humbled, ever chastised?
    What did it look like? Were they ever knocked back down and enslaved?
    What happened to those of pride and arrogance?
    Do not ‘proclaim’ this cannot happen!
    God given rights and gifts do come with expectations, and responsibilities.

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