T.L Davis: The Future of US. What Will We Be?

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17 Responses to T.L Davis: The Future of US. What Will We Be?

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  2. Will E Goroundencircles says:

    Thank you for what you’re doing. It’s probably more than 99%, and I for one appreciate your efforts.

  3. a follower says:

    i also prefer books. Books are always better the the movies. Never mind that it is written by Stephen King, but have you ever read The Stand?
    You seem to still carry some angst and anger over your event?
    Was it God willing?
    Was it meant to be?

    • Rabbi Will says:

      Is there an Indiana ‘Renegade,?

      • a follower says:

        Well i guess i would be one. i have always been an individual, even in the military. a loner to an extent.
        What say you?
        Or are you just being cocky? It is hard to tell.

      • a follower says:

        Well, imagine my surprise (not!)You are being cocky.
        So what is your point? Do you have something to say? Be forthright.
        You claim to be a “Rabbi” in doing so you claim to represent the church. How are you doing? Are you educating people or are you talking down to them, mocking them laughing at them etc., in much the same way the pharisees have always done throughout the history of the world?

        • Rabbi Will says:

          I only asked you a simple question.?? I don’t claim or desire to represent the ‘church’ I am not trained in the tradition of the parushim or the tzaddukim. I wanted to know if there is a web site like this one near you. As far as my comment to Jennifer that’s not your problem.

          • a follower says:

            No there is not a renegade site here that i know of.
            If there is i would be interested.
            Have searched a time or two, to no result.
            Do not know Jennifer?
            Your comments to Thomas was my attn.
            By the things you claim you represent the church.
            We all do, if we claim to know and believe in the Word.
            It is that simple.

    • TL says:

      I carry angst for those who speak out of turn, who derail efforts at action with defamation, then accuse others of doing nothing. It is a mindset that is defeatist when we need to be encouraged, all of us. I speak ill of no one, whether I agree, or not. There are a lot of things being done that i think are pointless, but I don’t know everything and to voice it is to cast doubt and damaging to what they are doing. At least they are doing something, is the way I look at it and keep my criticism to myself.

      • a follower says:

        Well i guess many of us can relate. Seems like it works both ways.
        Some things are meant to be and some things are not.

      • Rabbi Will says:

        Great articles T.L. I really enjoy your work! You’re a man of action and it shows!

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  5. Rabbi Will says:

    I do not represent the church. Is that simple enough for you?

  6. Rabbi Will says:

    Rabbi means teacher. My name is Rabbi Will. as always feel free to use this. 7042026922. So this will end my participation in the off topic conversation. Not because I’m unwilling to talk but out of respect for the original post and the others who I’m sure have little intrest in what were talking about😊

    • a follower says:

      off topic?
      I believe if what we are talking about is the ‘True church’ upon this earth and what it is supposed to be, and how we are to interact with each other on a daily basis. That should be what everyone should be interested in.
      That does connect with the article posted.
      Only 3 are speaking on this page, we are effecting no ones conversation.

  7. Boat Guy says:

    Met you at DroneStrike. Have purchased and enjoyed your books, they are now on the shelf for my GrandSon. Will continue to support as I can and work in my own AO.

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