T.L. Davis: The Gods of Gravity

I’ve heard from a number of people since my last post and want to address some of the issues.

This close to the election, there is a lot of speculation as to what is going to happen. There are rumors that may be fact, or may be fiction, who knows? This is the fog of war that has vexed man since the beginning. It’s the whole purpose of spies and intelligence organizations. We find now, that some of these organizations are working for the enemy. The FBI, quick to arrest anyone planning to do anything against the government, takes a leisurely back seat when it comes to people planning to do something against other people. Therefore, they are not synonymous. Even then, it seems to matter what part of the government is under threat. The FBI was quick to jump in on the Obama administration side when it came to Trump. 

Donald Trump is in a class all by himself. He is JFK, Reagan and FDR all rolled into one for good reasons and for bad. So, it’s a question of whether he has allowed the excesses of the FBI, CIA and DOJ (and the massive bureaucracies attendant to federal government) to continue to focus on the fight at hand, i.e. the election to another term, or is he sufficiently contained by them that nothing will change post election? It’s a question that will presently be answered, should he win by a sizeable majority in both electoral college and popularity. By “sizeable” I mean 300+ electoral and up to five points on popularity. Anything more seems unlikely, those are the top end numbers, I don’t know what the lower end looks like, what the balance point actually is that offers legitimacy.

One thing I do know is that legitimacy will not be offered by the media or the Democrats, they will ride the illegitimacy horse as long as they can, because it’s the horse that brings their cavalry into the fight. The true legitimacy comes from the people, where do they recognize that the left is full of it and just trying to start a war to pursue the Chinese communist agenda? They are testing out this “illegitimate” narrative on Amy Coney Barrett, to see how well it plays, because there was nothing unusual or radical about her nomination or subsequent approval. Nothing. The question they are asking is: if they can take something legitimate and by their displays of outrage convince people that it is illegitimate? For some that is working quite well, not so well with others. This is where the numbers come into play. If enough Trump supporters (and they aren’t really Republicans, because he is not a Republican. The Republicans are people like George W, Colin Powell and the like. In that sense, I am a Trump supporter more than a Republican, too) recognize that Trump won handily, despite the election fraud that is pervasive, they will be forced to defend that outcome with demonstrative expressions of support. 


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  1. Timothy E Tucker says:

    ” Those in elected roles will have to be secured so as not to allow them to give aid and comfort to the enemy.”

    I couldn’t agree more. This is what we have seen throughout the covid19 scenario, even after being struck down by the courts, the elected officials have maintained their usurpation of legitimate government and by so doing, need to be removed from office before more damage is done to the rule of constitutional law.

    Using this one issue alone, local prosecutors have abrogated the right of self defense by violating clear judicial precedent and selective prosecution of patriots for self defense during the ongoing leftist riots.
    My opinion is that the above referenced quote should be applied to those local actors of government who refuse to quell any upcoming violence stemming from the Nov. 3 election.

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