Occasionally, after explaining some of the issues presenting themselves in America today, I am asked what solutions I am offering. That’s a fair question that can only be answered by looking inward, not outward. It is a question of what one person might be willing to do to secure their own freedom. Since it is obvious that there will be no cooperative effort, the only thing left is individual action.

In a properly functioning republic, our representatives would be offering a way out of this mess. They would be as interested in solving the Constitutional crisis we endure year after year as we are. They would be devoted to securing, by all means, the sanctity of the vote, understanding that without the security of the vote, there is no republic, none of the congressional offices mean anything, because there is no authority behind them.

In a constitutional republic, legitimacy is obtained and secured by the consent of the governed, provided by the sanctity of the vote, that each actual citizen has had a say in who their representatives are and the legislation they introduce.

What we have now is a show, a theatrical production of government, because they only actually listen to a very few of the electorate, those with the largest campaign contributions, or political power in Washington, D.C. It is no accident that the people who provide those large contributions are the same people standing in line for government grants and contracts. It is open corruption, but no one is trying to solve that problem. It is not seen as a problem.

They are not interested in solving the privacy issues surrounding the Patriot Act. They are not interested in solving the banking issues that have already caused a near collapse of the banking system and bankrupted millions of individuals. They are not interested in preventing cities and counties from passing laws antagonistic to federal gun laws that protect the right to keep and bear arms.

It does not matter what the Constitution provides, secures or protects, it is irrelevant to the Congress and held in contempt by states, cities and counties, because it deserves to be held in contempt. We are past the days when mere words on paper will secure rights, or dictate the actions of government. That all relies on patriotic representatives and far too many have gone over to the communist or socialist camp, in both parties.

So, the questions come back to the reader: What would you do if you found that you lived under a system that held the individual in contempt; that offered no rights on which to depend; that considered your assets, retirement accounts and other property as reserves of the state?

It is obvious that the state is not interested in the problems of the taxpaying citizens, preferring the voting clout and reliability of the tax consumers. They spend their time building government programs and bureaucracies to cater to the tax consumers. Why? Because the dependent will continue to demand more government and vote for it, giving the government the excuse to pilfer your bank accounts through taxation.

On the other hand, where is the demand for less government? Anywhere? It is a systematic problem, where Congress seeks to pass legislation as a sign of their worth, but are not pressed to pass legislation reducing legislation, regulation or taxation. Why not? If there are the outraged, where are they? Why is there not a “Yellow Vest” protest in America?

See, when people ask me for solutions, they assume that I have offered none, but I have and they have been ignored, because they require action and no one acts. This is not a condemnation of anyone, it is a statement of fact.

We are past the point of petitions, or electing the right representative, senator or president. It is just much later than that. It is to the point where the only thing that will get any attention or reverse anything is to get out into the streets every day, as many as can be motivated to do so and make demands with the threat being the revocation of the government’s charter.

Why doesn’t this happen? Because as angry as we all are, we have jobs and house payments, kids in school, reliance on government payments of one sort or another, etc. My advice, then, is to rid oneself of these things, if possible and prepare for the Ceausescu moment, because, if you want a constitutional republic, you will now have to fight for it, literally. If you want a border, you will have to do something to establish it. If you want to purge the communists from our government, pack a lunch.

I don’t mean to be dismissive, but those are the hard truths of where we are and what will need to be done. Understand, every month it will get harder as the communists are steadily shut off the avenues of resistance.

They have already been able to prevent us from freely communicating. Now, through Red Flag laws, they are coming for our arms. Next will come the roundups of “insurgents” and the imprisoning of critics. It is a roadmap they are following, a roadmap followed before and illustrated well enough to identify.

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  1. Ned2 says:

    It’s not so much the people in government as the people who put them there.
    Our enemies are right next door under our noses.

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