T.L. Davis:Living the Green New Deal


There is no longer a question of what communists like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez have in mind for the United States of America. The Green New Deal called for the restraint of the economy on a scale now being suffered by the people of the United States in the current lockdowns imposed by governors nationwide. These shut-ins are not a machination of the federal government, but by states. The businesses, via the commerce clause, can be forcibly reopened by the federal government who will suffer untold deficits of tax dollars once this all shakes out. 

However, the main point here is if you like life under the lockdown, you will love the Green New Deal proposed by AOC and supported in one form or another by all Democrat presidential candidates. This is communism and they love it. In both the Pandemic and the Green New Deal, they seek to order businesses shut down as a means of achieving a political goal, such as the reduction of CO2, something that has tenuous ties (at best) with global warming that has itself been understood as a scam, even by their proponents who changed the criteria from “global warming” to “climate change” to cover for the inability of nature to follow their collectivist dictates and warm to a sufficient degree to cause panic among the people. 

The key elements of both the Green New Deal and the Lockdown are reduced economic activity to stave off some crisis that is both unsubstantiated and unverifiable. It is the invisible threat that is relied upon to force people into economic devastation, thus relying heavily on government for their lives and when that cannot be accomplished (and they truly don’t see the irony of it at all) a certain amount of people will have to die to save the rest. People are not ecologically sustainable in their model. 

But, then, communists love the irrational and ridiculous. They revel in the confusion rational people encounter when trying to find logic in their dictates or even some sense of coherence. The conclusion one is supposed to come to, when they can find no logic to follow that satisfies the rational mind, is that “well, they said so, so I guess I gotta do it.” That is how the battle is won by the communist. It is why they fear, more than anything else, a principled capitalist who will not succumb to that conclusion, but fight them for a rational explanation.

If you visit this link and scroll down you will see that everything they claim is  necessary to save the planet, we are doing right now to survive the pandemic of Covid 19. This is the world they prescribe as a solution to climate change. No airplanes, no traffic with internal combustion vehicles, only as much electricity as renewable energy can produce and how are they going to enforce that? The police, with drones and the same means with which they currently enforce the non-congregation of people today, the recording of license plates, in fact license plates would not be issued to internal combustion vehicles in their green world, or should I say watermelon world (green on the outside, communist red on the inside). 

It is good that we have endured this period in our lives to get a good fix on what it is that they propose for the future. This is their PLAN, not a consequence of a pandemic. The most important part of all of this is, had we voted on the Green New Deal from the comfortable prosperity before the Covid 19 pandemic, it might have gone smoother for them that it will now. God works in mysterious ways.

The fundamental miscalculation of the Green New Deal is the idea that current economic situations exist during a massive economic downturn caused by the very policies enacted through the legislation. In other words, currently, we collect somewhere between 3.5 and 4 trillion dollars a year in taxes. We currently have a debt of 24 trillion dollars, two of which was just incurred by the stimulus bill. When the economic cost of the lockdown is calculated, the tax receipts for 2020 might be on the order of 1.5 to 2 trillion dollars and would be similar during the enactment of the Green New Deal. At the same time we would be heaping another 90-120 trillion dollars of debt on top of what we already have to enact the legislation. This is by design. It is intended to crash the economy and if you read some of their literature, it is designed to open the path to a new economic system with “(social) Justice and Equality in mind. It is designed to crash the capitalist economy and institute a communist economy. 

As we have seen from the economics of the pandemic, i.e., piling debt onto a stunted economy caused by executive action on the state level, it is a pathway to deflation and the cratering of the dollar. When one puts trillions of dollars of debt onto an economy that is going to yield 1/3 of tax revenues that it normally would, the ability to repay that debt becomes suspect at best. We will see some of those effects when they start tabulating the costs to the GDP in future quarters. This cost to the GDP will not come roaring back to “fix it later” as some project, because many of the businesses that were shuttered by the lockdown, will not be coming back. On top of that, there is not much incentive in taking a chance on starting a new business in their place, because if the economy can be shut down by a virus, it can be shut down again when and if future outbreaks of the coronovirus warrant it. The only thing the lockdowns have ensured is economic uncertainty. 


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