T.L. Davis:The Era of George Floyd

It is a common refrain that no one is coming to save you, but it’s worse than that, the ones paid to come to save you will probably come to get you for some violation of thought or intent. There’s a new sheriff in town and he ain’t your friend. You are the worst; the cause of all manner of horribleness over the past centuries and the only way the sheriff can save himself is to imprison or murder you. You and your kind.

What is happening, intentionally, is the Democrat party is playing its old tricks on new people. Just as the Democrat party ruled over such things as slavery, Jim Crow laws, a Supreme Court who ruled slavery not only valid, but blacks as property that must be returned to their owner should they escape slavery are now turning the tables and using the same tactics to validate racism against whites. No one wants to hear white people talk about the injustices done to them, like no one in the Democrat party wanted to hear blacks talk about the injustices done to them.

It’s easy to get distracted by Antifa and BLM, a hostile media, corporate sell outs and all of that, but think of what the Democrat party has experience with that no other political party in America does: slavery, oppression, racism, hatred, KKK membership, segregation, etc, etc. They know what they are doing when it comes to demonizing and turning one race against another. The Republicans aren’t even visible. They are passive, choosing now to embrace the mask to placate the woke, so don’t count on back up coming from that direction. They are failures, complicit in the loss of liberty in America, escorts to the enemies of the people. 

But, the Democrats, in order to win this election, like many others in the past, need it to be about race, (they can’t win on any other platform) BLM needs it to be about race, Antifa needs it to be about race, CEOs of corporations and owners of sports organizations need to assuage their white guilt by making it bout race and pointing at you, not them. Yet, they don’t want to do the things that would make a difference. They will nudge each other knowingly and appoint someone to do something, but none of it will ever touch them, affect them, it is a ruse the wealthy Democrats have been using to avoid the real issues of racism for decades. But, the woke crowd is coming for everyone, (or so they say) so lets not let them nibble around the conservative landscape when there are much juicier pastures to be grazed.  

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