Ted Nugent claims his ‘buddies’ are willing to start an armed revolt

Firearms enthusiast Ted Nugent, appearing in a Discovery Channel special. Photo: Screenshot via Discovery.com.

Detroit-born southern rockabilly Ted Nugent isn’t known for moderation, but from the sound of his latest comments, the re-election of President Barack Obama (D) has made him ever more extreme.

Speaking to fans during an NBC-sponsored gun show, Nugent said that Obama “is attempting to re-implement the tyranny of King George that we escaped from in 1776,” adding: “If you want another Concord bridge, I’ve got some buddies.”

The comment was a reference to the Battle of Concord, in which a British soldier broke a standoff and fired upon assembled American militiamen, in what later became known as “the shot heard around the world” that helped launch the Revolutionary War.


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One Response to Ted Nugent claims his ‘buddies’ are willing to start an armed revolt

  1. LT says:

    Ted will have lots of ‘buddies’ on that day. And every time FED.GOV goes on a raid, there will be more people willing to stand. Even ‘the sheeple’ who idolize Obama will be apalled when they see how willing he is to kill Americas for his agenda, and many will turn when they can no longer deny the facts.

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