Teen dragged by Texas officer speaks out

Compliance or submission? Perceptions are changing based on actions viewed mainly on the Internet regarding law enformcement. While I disagree with Office Casebolt’s actions regarding this teenage girl, others support his actions. I do not hear their support of why he felt it necessary to draw his pistol in this situation.

Either we are all Americans or we will devolve into Serbia.

David DeGerolamo

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7 Responses to Teen dragged by Texas officer speaks out

  1. LT says:

    Unfortunately, I would say that we are already Serbia…just waiting for the final spark to ignite the volatile mix. Inevitable is a dangerous place to live…

  2. Tom McAllister says:

    In response to you not understanding why the cop pulled his weapon, watch the video…a guy moved from in front then to the right of the cop, and assumed a fighting posture with his left hand behind him, which is nearly the precise moment the cop pulled his weapon. This is like every other recent event caught on video in that it tells only a small part of the whole story. That cop is getting a bum-rap. I can’t stand foul language, but I understand what happens when you are are in fear for your life, which I believe that cop was. It seems there is a blurring of the line between liberty and anarchy in the eyes of a lot of conservative writers these days. Knee-jerk reactions every time a cop is perceived to have done something wrong is not making that line any clearer- and trust me, I’m not a big fan of the police culture in this country. With regards to all being American, I don’t believe certain special interests groups share that sentiment, or even comprehend what it means, until it becomes advantageous for them to claim it.

    • David says:

      I watched the video again. Three times with pause. The two teens were backing up and their hands were not hidden. So after watching the segment again, I still do not understand why he drew his pistol.

      This story will be used (successfully) to further divide us. Your analogy between Liberty and anarchy should be considered but not as a sound bite for a point to be made.

      • Tom says:


        3:10 or so in this video, which was posted on this site, you can see the two guys move from front to right of the cop. One guy slips and looks like he is reaching behind him in a shooting stance. We can’t hear what dialog transpired in that couple of seconds or so, but the utter disregard for authority by the teens and others is clear, and anyone who has worked in public safety understands how quickly things can go from bad to worse. I’m going to side with you on the loss of control by the one cop, but his responsibility is to establish order, and it appears that very few of those young people were offering first time compliance. Again, there is more to the situation, and to that cop’s behavior, than is revealed in that video. As long as the special interest groups maintain their lines of division, everyone will have to choose a side. I am a believer, and I understand exactly where this chaos begins, but a unity for good will not occur in this nation or any other until it is formed on the foundation of Christ. It seems to me the cop and a majority of the people involved in that circus need the salvation that can only be found in Jesus Christ.

  3. phil says:

    Our nation has been forced to devolve into this via a silent Coup D’ Etat Via the Alien Animal Entity in the White house. It’s him within the last six years that has accelerated the speed into a fascist nation and it wont end until the American people shut down in there entirety the bureaucracy that has gone rogue. What we are all witnessing is the new world order on steroids and it will only get worse. If this does not stop they will think the next evil thought and it will be the murdering of American Gun Owners and people who believe in Conservative thinking . Knowing much on how these Bolshevik fascists operate they will do there extractions between the hours of 12:00 PM midnight to 5:00 AM in the morning, they believe that’s the time to take us all out including our wives and children, if they gain access. I can only speak for myself as well as my wife, we understand how fascist nazis work and you need to secure the perimeter of your home and you will need advance warning of any intrusion, so it will give you the upper advantage of removing all of the threats. Our parents knew all the tricks these demons used in Italy and Germany. I will be waiting for them but it will be on my terms, and no one will ever leave again. Once they begin this then there will be no rules any longer. the Government and the bureaucracy will become the real enemies and the gloves will have to come off. this is becoming a very serious situation in our nation an very evil and please prepare for the worse.

    • David says:

      Too late. I posted that article earlier this morning. Last week was Bruce Jenner to distract us and this week, it is this story.

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