Tell Us How You Feel About Jimmy Carter

The following are a few of the comments from my posting Tea Party Nation concerning Jimmy Carter’s assertion that Hamas can be trusted. It doesn’t seem like many people like the former president.

David DeGerolamo

Comment by Walter
Cleveland Tune
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Carter was totally irrelevant as president.  The Iranians knew he was  impotent when they took our embassy personnel hostage.  On January 20, 1981, the  hostages were released as President Reagan was inaugurated.  Once the US had a  REAL president, the Iranians sent the hostages home.

Though Carter was a lousy president, he has outdone himself since leaving  office.  I was surprised to see he could go any lower, but he continues to amaze me with his stupidity.  He should keep building houses and leave foreign, and domestic, affairs alone.

Carter’s only hope for any positive comments in the history books is that President Obama will overshadow him as the worst president in the history of our nation.  Unfortunately, he will be called the second worst president in our nation’s history.  He should send Obama a Ramadan card or something.

Linda Rund Comment by Linda Rund 3 minutes ago
Just remember…..the Lord is watching EVERYTHING ALL  these evil doers are saying & doing to bring down America & Israel. I wouldn’t think any of
their names are in the Book of Life.Notice:  JERUSALEM   ….that USA stands linked within Jerusalem, Israel. Kind of eerie, huh? 
Barry Gabrielson Comment by Barry Gabrielson 52 minutes ago
I would like to shove Carters head up Obumers a.., just like in the picture
Hancock.Then let him speak, this brain dead twit.This is the same as Obumers done to this nation in 2 1/2 years.  Time for Impeachment of the fraud in the White House.  Time for Carter to go to a mental institution where he belongs.
Douglas McCabe Comment by Douglas McCabe 1 hour ago
At some point in time, we, as a nation will have to realize when a former President’s hatred for Israel has progressed to borderline dementia, and that he is an absolute danger to political policies, both foreign and domestic. He needs his mouth sewn shut and to be put on a leash!!!
gm.shoemaker Comment by gm.shoemaker 1 hour ago
The U.S. gives twice as much in foreign aid to Arab countries as it give to
Israel.   Wouldn’t NOT giving foreign aid to any nation in the middle east benefit Israel?  (And save us from borrowing that money from China or printing it an causing more inflation.)Just looking for ways to balance the budget.  ;-)GaryRandy Lynn Kyle Comment by Randy Lynn Kyle 1 hour ago

Why is this bumbling imbecile still allowed to open his mouth? If
ever there was justification for a lobotomy it’s this bipedal disgrace. The only
problem is they would have to use an electron microscope to find his frontal
OneCitizenOfTheRepublic Comment by OneCitizenOfTheRepublic 2 hours ago
Carter, Clinton, Obama…now there is a legacy of Progressives in
the office of POTUS.But of the three, the Progressive-In-Chief Obama has
excelled…in the destruction of the United States of America.
KathleenSt Comment by KathleenSt 2 hours ago
Jimmy Carter and Bubba Clinton need to take lessons from a real commander in
chief (Dubya) and sit down and shut the hell up.Who cares what former worst president of the US thinks and why is he getting
any press time?Go away, Mr. Carter, have coffee with Bubba, please.
Steve Mac Comment by Steve Mac 2 hours ago
Jody:obamalamadingdong?  Love it.  I have been calling him “wonder boy”.  Like
your name better !!!
Glenn Sheeler Comment by Glenn Sheeler 2 hours ago
see marxism is mental disease    communism,progressivism,fascism, socialism all crawled out of the same septic tank;marxism
Comment by Mike Hobert 2 hours
Well let’s see here ……Fonda – Carter…… Hmmmm .I’ll bet he
calls her all the time asking how to screw up the U.S. more.

Jody Raines Comment by Jody Raines 2 hours ago
I thought Jimmuh was supposed to be a highly decorated Southern Baptist.  Did
he forget this verse?:”I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your
name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and
whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed
through you.”–Genesis 12:2-3What a flaming idiot.   Not only is he still alive to help bring a once-great
nation down in flames but so are the Clinton’s and just think how long Moochelle
and Obamalamadingdong will be around to continue their insidious  reign of
terror even after their one–or God forbid–two terms in the thrones of power.
Can we really see any hope in a future???
Malcolm H. Rudd Jr. Comment by Malcolm H. Rudd Jr. 2 hours ago
Jimmy Carter has lost his ever loving mind some Christan he is.
John Bond Comment by John Bond 3 hours ago
Why is it that the Jewish vote is predominantly for Obama and the
Dimocrats?…perhaps they will be smarter in 2012???
Dave Koch Comment by Dave Koch 3 hours ago
   Carter is one of the Terrorists that is destroying America’s
Freedoms. It is dumb asses like him that are causing more and more of the
problems we are facing with his dumb ass mouth. He is so far left of being a
Christian , as he has made suckers out of those that are following him down the
path of destruction in America. Americans better be prepared for the worse as it
is coming down the road right at us because of the Worthless SOB’s in Washington
and the No Good Liberal Media and it’s self arrogance of being completly stupid.
Norman  Zink Comment by Norman Zink 4 hours ago
Carter’s Anti-Semetic thinking is legendary. Make no mistake, that anyone who
calls Gaza and the Sinai ‘occupied territories’ is anti-Semetic.  In the past
ten years Israel has been rocketed 8,000 times by Fatah and Hamas! Both seek the
destruction and annihilation of Israel and believe that Israel has no right to
the Jewish Homeland.  That said, there can never be peace between the radicals
and the State of Israel.  So Carter is full of himself and should go back to
pounding nails which is very good at, I hear.  He is only now speaking up
because Obama is making Carter look like numba one. 
Tim Jensen Comment by Tim Jensen 4 hours ago
WOW.Mic said it best about Carter.Only thing I could add is his incompetence in managing the Iran hostage
situation.  He turned down advice from the Israeli Mossad.  THEN he ordered the
helicopters in despite warnings of the HamSin weather coming.  HamSin is like
the dust cloud that struck Phoenix, except the wind is more fierce, the humidity
is unbearable and it lasts a lot longer. 

Helicopters were turned upside down…….just like Carter’s opinions.  Such
a shame that a brilliant mind like Carter’s can be mis-directed by bad advice
and narrow opinion.

Barry Gabrielson Comment by Barry Gabrielson 4 hours ago
He should be BO Czar of stupidity
Randy Dye Comment by Randy Dye 4 hours ago
Carter is a Moron!!!
Mic Comment by Mic 4 hours ago
Jimmy Carter’s first real job after Reagan spanked him … flying around the
world in the BCCI jets.

Involvement with Bank of Credit and Commerce International

BCCI – Bank of Crooks and Cocaine International

After Carter left the presidency, his interest in the developing countries
led him to having a close relationship with Agha Hasan
, the founder of Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI). Abedi was a
Pakistani, whose bank had offices and business in a large number of developing
countries. He was introduced to Carter in 1982 by Bert Lance, one of Carter’s
closest friends. (Unknown to Carter, BCCI had secretly purchased an interest in
1978 in National Bank of Georgia, which had previously been run by Lance and had
made loans to Carter’s peanut business.) Abedi made generous donations to the Carter Center and the Global 2000 Project. Abedi also traveled
with Carter to at least seven countries in connection with Carter’s charitable
activities. The main purpose of Abedi’s association with Carter was not
charitable activities, but to enhance BCCI’s influence, in order to open more
offices and develop more business. In 1991, BCCI was seized by regulators, amid
allegations of criminal activities, including illegally having control of
several U.S. banks. Just prior to the seizure, Carter began to disassociate
himself from Abedi and the bank.

Comment by Steve Mac 4
hours agoDelete
But Jimmy was such a good man building all those habitat for
humanity houses.  Every day he could be seen up on the roof of some new house he
was building, sweating under the blazing sun, occasionally missing the nail and
hitting his thumb with the hammer.  I just don’t see how anyone can disparage
such a true humanitarian and a truly lovely man.

Deb Speelman Comment by Deb Speelman 4 hours ago
That’s absolutely right – we CAN trust Hamas – to be the terrorists
they are! How very profound, Pres. Carter!
Laura B Comment by Laura B 5 hours ago
The Ron Paul Tipping Point

Wake up guys, please.

Cynthia Miller Comment by Cynthia Miller 5 hours ago
It was the policies of Carter and Brzezinski messing around in Iran
in ’78 that led to the rise of Khomeini. I knew some Americans that lived in
Europe while Carter was president who said every time they heard he was going to
give a speech they would go convert their American currency into other
currencies because they knew the value was going to go down immediately.
Camilla Comment by Camilla 5 hours ago
Please be quiet Jimmy Carter!!  PLEASE?? 

Rena Creswell Comment by Rena Creswell 5 hours ago
Carter needs to stay at home and SHUT UP! We have
enough to worry about with Obama thinking he is a king and doing his best to
destroy the US.  Obama doesn’t listen to the Congress, the courts or the
constitution.  What is wrong with this Congress are they so crooked too or so
afraid of Obama that they are afraid to impreach him.  It is hard to believe
that Congress is putting up with Obama.  Much less letting a nut like Carter run
around representing the US.  I am just fed up with it all. 
David DeGerolamo Comment by David DeGerolamo 5 hours ago
The link to the missile attack is embedded in the title “Man Wounded
in Beersheba Attack Dies of His Wounds”.
Hon. Hambone M Neanderthal XXIII Comment by Hon. Hambone M Neanderthal XXIII 5 hours ago
I’ve been telling youse guys for a while now, Jimmuh is the perfect foil/fool
to challenge the child-in-chief for the 2012 CPUSA nomination.Hard to get one’s brain around the fact that this guy was a newkyuler sub
officer. According to Wikipedia, he helped shut down a reactor in 1952 that had
melted down.

He also created some of the worst boondoggles and policies of the late 20th

As President, Carter created two new cabinet-level departments: the Department of Energy and the Department of Education. He established a national energy policy that included conservation, price
control, and new technology. In foreign affairs, Carter pursued the Camp David
, the Panama
Canal Treaties
, the second round of Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT II), and returned the Panama Canal Zone to Panama.


During the reactor shutdown, the entire team–which he led–was lowered into
radioactive water (wearing protective gear) for very brief periods to take the
beast down. While radiation is an attractive option to blame Jimmuh’s stupidity
on, I think he’s just a natural, completely ignorant fool. He did win a Nobel
Peace Prize.

Nancy Eddy Comment by Nancy Eddy 5 hours ago
Okay, where is the news of this missle attack? It’s not on FOX or anywhere

Tom from Tucson Comment by Tom from Tucson 5 hours ago
How about we take up a colleciton, buy an old unsused Insane Asylum and turn
it into a presidential library for Carter and Obama. We could outfit it wiht
giant pencil sharpners for the two pinheads.
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