TENSE: Police stand between pro-, anti-Sharia sides in NC

As a wave of anti-Sharia Law marches take place across the country, Sharia proponents were kept at bay by North Carolina police.

Video footage from outside the state capitol shows a police line keeping both sides apart.

Local reporter Robert Richardson deemed to proponents of Sharia as an “anti-Islamophobia crowd”:

Police could be seen pushing the pro-Sharia mob back as they got closer to the protesters.


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2 Responses to TENSE: Police stand between pro-, anti-Sharia sides in NC

  1. Average Joe says:

    This is a problem CREATED and exacerbated by our own government. The ONLY reason any government would implement and maintain our “immigration” policy is to divide and rule the faction they create. What we are seeing is a war, by government, on it’s own citizens.

    Can someone please tell me what is so difficult to understand what is meant by the words “for ourselves and our posterity?”

    Average Joe

  2. Bill says:

    this scum soros planned pro sharia terrorists were sent there to start trouble and the media is also behind the pro sharia movement in our nation, I want to see all these scum terrorists move next door to the media employees like Mathews, Maddow , morning joe and the rest of the low class scum liberal dimwits and lets see how they feel after there children are raped and there throats are slashed. There will be a war in this nation when the media pushes for sharia compliant cities , then tries to force it down our throats then the war will begin, with them first and they will be taken down as traitors to the nation which they are already.

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