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Mid-May Edition – May 13, 2012
In Plain Sight

Events are beginning to occur very quickly now. It has been less than two weeks since the last newsletter was emailed and already big events are once again happening in Europe. Both Greece and France voters ousted pro-austerity politicians and replaced the France and Greece governments with anti-austerity political leaders. This is now the 4th and 5th time that this has occurred since the beginning of 2012.

Two months ago, Hungary’s government collapsed when its legislature refused to agree to the austerity measures that Brussel’s Eurozone ministers, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the European Central Bank (ECB) demanded. Several weeks later, the same thing happened in the Czech Republic. Less than two weeks ago the Dutch government collapsed for the same reason. And now France and Greece have turned against the austerity policies. These are policies that the big banks and their paid politicians have portrayed to the European Union’s electorate as the only viable solution. These policies ensure that the big banks are bailed out upon the backs of the EU citizens.

As if to exacerbate the European sovereign debt problem the Eurozone ministers, the IMF, and the ECB reacted harshly to the Greek anti-austerity party election win and stated that they were going to cut the previously agreed to May payment to Greece by $1 Billion. Unless the new Greek government re-affirmed its commitment to the previous austerity measures, the Troika (Euro ministers, IMF, and ECB) would refuse to make any further previously agreed to payments.

Given this possibility, the same Troika is now openly pondering the likelihood of Greece’s exit from the Euro currency. As a top EU minister said, “Greece must ‘obey or get off the Euro train.'” President of the European Commission, Jose’ Manuel Barroso, told Italy’s SkyTG24 TV channel that if Greece chooses not to fulfill its financial obligations towards the EU, it will have to leave the eurozone. Clearly this is a “shot across the bow” to France, and any other countries who have rejected the austerity policies. The Troika is threatening to make an example of Greece and any other country that backs off on austerity policies, but it plays a very dangerous game. Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics, said that if Greece is forced out of the Euro and eurozone, it will not only catastrophic for the Euro currency, but it could spell the end of the European Union as we know it.

Yet, it appears that the anti-austerity backlash among European Union voters has begun and may not be able to be stopped. It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that the voters have finally risen up and rejected the nonsensical policy of pursuing growth through austerity. After all how did it ever make sense that a country could grow by shrinking the economy through austerity measures? Yet 25 of the 27 members of the European Union have signed onto that very concept. With the backlash however, it becomes much more problematic for the EU ministers, the IMF, and the ECB to push the countries much farther in that direction without civil revolt. According to Kenneth Joseph Arrow, Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics, the European austerity policies are nothing more than an “economic suicide pact”, and will eventually end in either debt slavery or revolution. The impact of the austerity measures are being felt across 23 of 27 European countries which are now officially in a recession with shrinking economies in the last six months.

Despite the growing anti-austerity wave, nobody hears about the civil unrest that continues to grow in Greece today. In addition, the pain of the austerity measures agreed to by Greek Prime Minister Papademos, a former Goldman Sachs executive, has caused the suicide rate in Greece to rise 40% in the last 6 months. As was mentioned in the last newsletter, Greece is attempting to address this with the construction of 30 concentration camps (“closed hospitality centers”). News is now leaking out from European sources that Italy, France, Spain, and other EU countries are making plans to deal with its illegal immigrant population, its unemployed, its homeless, and its hungry in this way also.

This issue was anticipated by the Pentagon as a result of the 2009 Unified Vision 2012 report. A US Army document and manual was leaked last week detailing plans for the construction of re-education camps and re-settlement camps in the US. Included in this plan is a PR campaign by the Army to get people used to and to love living under Martial Law. Those who refuse to buy into the government’s policies will be sent to these re-education and re-settlement camps. Below are copies of the February, 2010 US Army document that was leaked by someone in the Pentagon as well as a recent job listing circulating on Pentagon websites.

In an effort to move the broader agenda on all fronts, several more Presidential Executive Orders have been signed in the last couple of weeks. They are as follows:

  • Executive Order – May, 2012 – Identifying and Reducing Regulatory Burdens
  • Executive Order – May, 2012 -Promoting International Regulatory Cooperation

Related Previously Issued Executive Orders

  • Executive Order – December, 2011 – Establishment of White House Council on Strong Cities and Strong Communities
  • Executive Order 12803 – 1992 – Infrastructure Privatization

According to May 10th presidential speech, these executive orders “harmonize” existing federal regulations and laws with new UN regulations and initiatives by bypassing state legislative processes while nullifying the need for the Congress to weigh in on these policies. Specifically, these executive orders allow the US government to openly pursue the UN’s Agenda 21, openly pursue the international agreements to eventually bring about the North American Union, and attempts to silence any further protest about the dangers of Monsanto’s genetically-modified seeds and food upon the US population.

Perhaps we can now see more signs of the end game of the European bankers who own the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, and the government leaders who act on the bankers’ behalf to further their agenda. Douglas J. Hagmann of Hagmann Investigative Services, Inc. and Northeast Intelligence Network recently was approached by a high-ranking Department of Homeland Security official who anonymously wished to expose what the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) knows and their near-term plans. DHS has been in the news over the last several months. Now as a result of this interview, we get a glimpse of what’s going on and what’s being planned.

Summary notes from the interview have been arranged in chronological order for better readability.

Interview Points

  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS) knows that an economic collapse in the US is coming and cannot be stopped.
  • The DHS, the Pentagon and other government agencies have been preparing for it for some time. The DHS doesn’t care anymore, and is conducting overt actions in preparation in plain sight now.
  • DHS acknowledges that the real economy never recovered and has actually worsened to the point that it’s never been this bad.
  • The US economic collapse will occur when the US Dollar crashes and the money becomes nearly worthless.
  • The trigger event could start in Europe. The US Dollar will crash and the US economic collapse will occur within days after Europe collapses and the Euro crashes initially.
  • Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke, US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, as well as top banking executives from the US top banks are expected to go into hiding.
  • Based on Pentagon estimates, the economic collapse could start to as early as Summer, 2012 and as late as after the November, 2012 election. However, government officials are hoping that the collapse can be delayed till after the November election.
  • DHS knows that most people are not prepared.
  • DHS is aware that every member of Congress has been briefed on the coming collapse and has been sworn to secrecy or else their families are threatened. “We are afraid for the lives of our children and grandchildren. So we say nothing.” said one US Senator who asked not to be identified.
  • DHS has met with members of Congress and floated the idea that the November election be “postponed” till this “national emergency” is past and things have calmed down.
  • DHS and TSA have talked with executives at News Corporation (Fox Network) about a plan to condition people into hearing about US troop and equipment movements, seeing US troops and military on the street or running “realistic urban training” exercises or drills, and getting people used to being searched by the TSA anywhere at any time at newly setup checkpoints and roadblocks throughout the country. In essence, it’s about conditioning Americans to accept perpetual Martial Law. “Realistic urban training” drills have already taken place in Los Angeles, Denver, and Miami over the last five months.
  • Most US troops returning to the US from Iraq or Afghanistan are not back for training, but are part of a larger US force to be used for “urban pacification.”
  • DHS is expecting and preparing for race riots, class riots, food riots, and then massive civil war. All of this will start with sporadic rioting and uprisings here and there soon after the collapse. Martial Law is expected to be imposed, and there will likely be severe travel restrictions. “Today Americans would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow [after the collapse], they will be grateful.” – Henry Kissinger
  • Shoot-to-kill orders will be given to police, troops, and DHS during the collapse. The 450 million rounds of hollow point ammunition ordered by DHS will be used to quell the civil unrest.
  • DHS expects that soon after the economic collapse there will be no food left in stores, no gasoline, and no money in the ATM machines. The banks will be closed and all money in bank accounts will be frozen for a time. The stock and bond markets will also likely be closed for some time. Retirement accounts like 401(k) and IRAs will not be immune, and will likely not be accessible during this “national emergency” and the imposition of Martial Law.
  • DHS expects that eventually people will turn in their guns with the police in order to get food.
  • DHS expects that as soon as enough people begin starving, they will be begging to be let into the FEMA camps and detention centers so that they can get assistance from the government.
  • DHS and the Pentagon have major concerns about China, and what it will do when the US Dollar and the trillion dollars of US Treasury debt it holds becomes worthless. A US/China military confrontation is a very real possibility in the not too distant future.

Bottom Line – There is no more “business as usual”. It is the late 1930s in Germany all over again, and every day we see the US moving closer and closer to the most fascist state in history.  Many of the Jews who stayed in 1930s Germany or didn’t prepare because they believed the government’s lies paid with their lives. As the DHS official clearly points out, we are all in the same grave danger, and there is little time left to prepare.

Still don’t believe or want to believe the information you are reading, no problem.

Still haven’t begun to prepare, no problem.

Still haven’t stocked up on food and water, no problem.

Still haven’t purchased extra prescription medicines, no problem.

Still haven’t purchased gold and silver to protect your assets, no problem.

Still have lots of money in the bank, no problem.

Still haven’t taken steps to protect your 401(k) or IRA retirement accounts, no problem.

When the collapse comes and the banks and stock and bond markets close,

and you can’t get at your money which is now worthless anyway,

perhaps the Department of Homeland Security official will be proven correct,

and you will be begging to be let into the FEMA camps so that you can keep from starving.

Then you will realize that the supposed safety of a FEMA concentration camp is just another government lie.\That’s what I see from where I’m standing. Your questions and comments are always welcome.

John Lopez
Financial Consultant
AZ Office: 928.714.0473

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3 Responses to TEOTWAWKI Fact or Bold Fiction? Read and Decide…

  1. LT says:

    Please bear in mind, I received this as a forwarded email from an anonymous source in the banking/investment world on the west coast of the US, and am unable to verify either the organization named at the top of this document, nor its purported author according to the signature block. I therefore provide this text as-is, with a reasonable caveat emptor declared in plain face. With that said, much of the information herein is verifiable, but the rest begs for answers…
    ~ Those who discard Liberty, do so at their own peril!

  2. Michael Johnston says:

    Ever been a combat Soldier? Our oath is to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and if you think Soldiers will kill American citizens you’re smoking crack….yes, I’m prepared for the collapse…lots of food, water, and ammo but my government enemy won’t be Soldiers…Duty, Honor, country….that means something to some of us…Got It?

  3. LT says:

    I was a soldier in a Special Troops Bn., stationed over seas durring the Reagan years, and I firmly agree with the frequently expressed belief; that oath is a vow before God -- it didn’t expire when I stopped wearing the uniform every day. I will defend my country against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, so help me God.
    I pray that no American soldier will take arms against his countrymen, regardless of any orders he may receive, and I know that most will not. But there will always be a few who will. And then there are all the freshly uniformed DHS/TSA “officers”, who took no oath, many of whom are lovers of power and intimidation. Why do you think Obama has loaded up DHS with new recruits -- they are his “civilian defense force, as strong as the military, and as well equipped”, but under no oath to the Constitution. I pray that American shall never again square off against American with arms, but if that be the Just Cause which we face, then so be it…

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