The Ball Is in Sessions’ Court

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5 Responses to The Ball Is in Sessions’ Court

  1. 173 Viet Vet says:

    David -- -- Are there any of your contacts who are from Alabama and have an insight into the mysteriously absent/AWOL action (or lack thereof) by Sessions ? Could they chime in and help explain what is happening?

    Part of me wants to consider the above Trumpian tweet as part of an ongoing Kabuki theater dance between The Trumpeter and AG Sessions. Trump slights Sessions so the media now sees Sessions as less of a threat and more of a “darling”. And the media focus back onto The Trumpeter takes away the focus on Sessions’ actions (if any….).

    The problem is the “if any” actions by Sessions seem to be minuscule, non-existent, or focused in such diffusion that they are imperceptible, IMHO.

    As a last hope for insight into the murky fog of Washy DC, perhaps the long-promised thousand indictments….(thanks to “Q” which may be classic mis-direction propaganda) will soon be revealed.

    Or not.

    • bogsidebunny says:

      Sessions is a swamp critter. President Trump could order Muller off the stage, but he feels doing that would only bring a firestorm from the Washington D.C. beltway political club membership.

    • David says:

      If someone is not doing their job, they should be fired. If their supervisor does not fire him (or her), then the supervisor needs to be fired. Who is Sessions’ supervisor?

      I do not have any contacts in Alabama who would have any insight into this “theater”.

      I can tell you one thing with confidence: this situation should have been resolved by now. I am still wondering how it happened since Sessions had no reason to recuse himself allowing Rosenstein to run wild.

  2. tl says:

    Yawnnn………..Nothing but another mouthful of blathering blather scythe
    from Donald Jingoism Trump.

  3. HETDOC says:

    Whatever happened to attorney client privilege, which used to be as sacrosanct as the confessional or the marriage altar? I’m talking Trump-Cohen

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