The Big Tell

 I’ve been under the weather recently, and haven’t had the energy to produce my usual volume of bilge for this dive. But I have kept track of the news, as far as possible, and the most recent developments in the Biden corruption scandal compel me to draw my Gentle Readers’ attention to an important pattern in human deceit. Baldly, it’s this:

The “big tell” is not angry denials.
It’s a refusal to speak at all.

     If you want to know when a prominent party accused of wrongdoing has effectively confessed, it’s not when he’s most enraged by the accusations and passionate in his denials; it’s when he refuses to address the subject – in extreme cases, when he seeks to silence anyone who addresses the subject.

     Just now, the “Burisma scandal” emails purported to be to and from Hunter Biden are “front page above the fold” news for sincere journalists. The associated story about the FBI having been in possession of those emails for more than a year while not investigating the tale they seem to tell is merely extra glare thrown onto this sordid episode in American foreign policy. But Google, Facebook, and Twitter, the most powerful companies in the world of digital communications, are struggling to suppress the story.

     It gets better still: When Tucker Carlson introduced a new batch from that trove of emails on last night’s show, Twitter shut down completely.

     Have a few links:

     And what has the Biden family’s response been? Silence. They can’t outrightly deny it all because they have no idea whether they’ve seen everything. The critical, nail-it-to-the-wall item of evidence might not yet have been reported on. Should the Bidens issue blanket denials and then be confronted with something that makes the evidence of their massive corruption irrefutable, the damage would be thermonuclear.

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5 Responses to The Big Tell

  1. Truth-in-Tension says:

    Respectfully, I would ask why does anyone believe that President Trump will ever attempt to drain the swamp? He has had 4 years and he has done nothing.

    The current Director of the FBI was appointed by President Trump. Director Wray has done nothing to clean out the corruption within the FBI, however, he is really worried about those uber dangerous white militias. And please stop saying the rank and file within the FBI are good American patriots, because they are not. The whole organization is corrupt and it cannot be reformed. It must be done away with.

    The current Attorney General was also appointed by President Trump. Attorney Genral Barr also has done nothing to clean out the corruption in DC. Attorney General Barr was appointed to the position of Attorney General because he was, and has always been a deep state swamp reptile. If you are counting on him to help drain the swamp or to reform the corrupt department of justice you will again be disappointed.

    I will not even mention the corruption of the BATF because there is no hope there. Remember President Trump is huge supporter of “Red Flag” laws. As he said “take the guns first and then we can worry about due process”. Now that is comment that you would expect to hear from little Mike Bloomberg.

    Oh yes, the lock down and destruction of the economy along with the horrific damage to American families because of the pandemic happened on President Trump’s watch. And please do not say that he was misinformed.

    I should point out that I really had hope that President Trump would do the things that he promised to do during his campaign, unfortunately I have been disappointed. I realize now that he is not the person for the task. I also realize that both the democrat communists and the republican international socialists parties are both anti freedom, anti American, anti free market. It is time to stop the insane practice supporting either party. The 2 parties cannot be reformed.

    I would respectfully suggest that instead of putting our hopes in a man that surrounds himself with Kabbalists / international socialists or vote for a senile old communist like Biden, we should instead organize locally to increase freedom. is doing some great work in this area.

    Keep in mind, that if President Trump is reelected does that increase freedom? If Biden is elected will that increase freedom? Well no, neither will increase freedom. Voting for the lesser of 2 evils is indefensible as it is still voting for evil.

    • Wes Rhinier says:

      As I have written the same things many times before.. Sad but True.. Thanks for this comment.

    • Matt says:

      To expand upon the destruction of the economy. Look no further than what is happening in the stock market. The media will blather on about “investors” this or that and their confidence as to why it’s going up like it has. It has nothing to do with investors, but is only happening because of the big wall of artificial funny money that Uncle Jerome at the Fed Reserve keeps pumping into it.

      In his most recent video, Chris Martenson, who has been featured several times on this blog points to a daily stock chart where the index started out went negative for a period of about one (1) minute before the Fed stepped in and started pumping it up.

      This act is criminal. It is stealing the wealth and future efforts of the entire populace and handing it directly to the ultra wealthy, people like Jeff Bezos whose fortune has grown 10x during this pandemic while many Americans were put out of work.

      Here’s the video. This one is uncharacteristically short:

      Note, in the beginning part of the video he talks about how big tech is also part of the problem, oh Bezos… he’s part of big tech. Hmmm.

  2. Gryphon says:

    T-n-T has an excellent Comment, but He Forgot that NOBODY GOES TO JAIL.

  3. healthnut says:

    I’m seeing that a lot of people are having their eyes opened because of this. Actually this story might be the only possible way for the election to play out without bloodshed. After all, who in their right mind would vote for Biden…..

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