The Birth Pangs of Civil War

The “myth” as perceived by Jerry Nadler concerning riots in Portland was a lie that has been exposed. But this exposure comes at a high price as Democrat financed and condoned riots are spreading across the country.

Starting on September 17th, a Canadian based organization will be laying siege to the White House for 50 days:

On Sep. 17, the ninth anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, protesters are planning to begin a “siege” of the White House that will last fifty days—right up until Nov. 3. The website for the event is planning to bring thousands of protesters into Lafayette Square to “lay siege to the White House.” The site also warns that “the possibility of a civil war breaking out sometime next year is no joke.”

The organizers are citing two main reasons for the planned occupation: an alleged lack of progress on Wall Street since the 2009 occupation and that “Trump is trying to steal the election . . . and things could turn very ugly very quickly as November 3rd approaches.” One image used depicts the White House on fire and others show large riots directly in front of the building.



The above information states: “the possibility of a civil war breaking out sometime next year is no joke.” Tell us something we did not already know. The government understands this possibility very well despite the misdirection of Congressmen like Jerry Nadler.

Imagine if our founding fathers would have realized the true danger career politicians would pose to our freedom. Imagine if they would have provided a means for holding them accountable for illegal actions that would be in the hands of the people. If such measures could be implemented today, a large portion of Congress would be prosecuted and convicted. The reason why no such measures were considered was simple: they felt there were checks and balances in place that would preclude such abuses with impunity. They were wrong.

On this Labor Day in 2020, less than two months separate us from the recognition by the majority of the country that we already are in a civil war. Communists want to seize control of the control of the government for power by any means necessary. Keep that phrase in mind: by any means necessary. Our lives means nothing to them. Our fortunes mean nothing to them. Our Sacred honor means nothing to them. Power means everything to them.

Win or lose, patriots will act and continue to act against evil. And since we are surrounded by evil, this is a target rich environment. Go will God and act with Sacred honor. You can be assured our enemies will not.

David DeGerolamo

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2 Responses to The Birth Pangs of Civil War

  1. Jim says:

    Can we have water cannons now?

  2. Gryphon says:

    The ‘siege of the White House’ thing looks like it will be Entertaining…
    Does Anyone think the government is going to allow the Executive Branch to be Disrupted or Attacked? It appears to me that since Staged Riots in 50 Major Cities has failed to push the fedgov into a ‘Violent Response’, this time the bolsheviks plan to attack the .gov directly, thereby insuring Force will be used, and then [[[their]]] Media can scream 24/7 that “TRUMP IS HITLER!”

    Can’t find any Ammo, but Popcorn is still at the Grocery…. gotta stock up.

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