The brewing Republican-Tea Party civil war

The following article from Judson Phillips outlines the dirty little secret that has plagued the Tea Party since its inception. We have to search our hearts and decide if political ideology is more important than our country’s future. Glen Bradley’s efforts in the North Carolina General Assembly this year further validate this concept.

Here is one example concerning HB 241:

David DeGerolamo

Since the Tea Party began, there has been an on going debate within the Tea Party about the Republican Party and what the Tea Party’s relationship with the GOP should be.   Pressures are now building and if the Parties are not careful, they could blow into a full-fledged rupture between the GOP and the Tea Party.

What are these pressures?

It is more of the ongoing war that the GOP has kept under wraps for the last 30 years.   This is the war of the Establishment or Country Club GOP versus the grassroots, which is now the Tea Party.

The GOP establishment has always been disdainful of the grassroots.  The GOP establishment comes in every two years, talking about how conservative they are, expecting the grassroots to do the heavy lifting in the campaign, and as soon as the election is over, they ignore the conservatives and go about doing what they really want to do, which is to act like Democrats.

The Establishment GOP is very similar to liberals.  They do not like competition.  Tea Party candidates defeated a number of establishment candidates for congress in 2010 and we are already seeing the payback as in some GOP states, freshman Tea Party Congressmen are being redistricted out of their seats.   In Texas, home of Rick Perry, this tactic has been used against a number of Tea Party Freshmen.

You would think the GOP would be a little more grateful.  After all, under the leadership of the Establishment, the GOP was wiped out so badly in 2006 and 2008, Washington Republicans had to be put on the Endangered Species Act.


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