The Consequence of Failure

Before the president’s speech outlining his latest jobs’ creation plan, the media speculated that the cost would be $200, then $300, then $400 billion. The final tag was $447 billion. My thoughts prior to the speech:

  1. The president would present his plan and challenge the Republicans to pass it.
  2. The Republicans would not pass it.
  3. The president would go on the road blaming the Republicans for high unemployment.
  4. The stock market would lose two hundred points.

How did I do?



No response from the Republican “leadership”.


Obama promotes jobs plan on GOP turf

Venturing out of Washington to promote his initiative, Obama’s first stop after addressing a joint session of Congress Thursday was on the home turf of one of his top Republican antagonists. Speaking at the University of Richmond, in the district represented by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Obama made a full-throated appeal for public support, punctuating his remarks with a sharp refrain: “Pass this bill!”


Three out of four is not too bad.

David DeGerolamo

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