The Consequences of Fundamental Transformation in America

The following description of the Lord’s Judgment on Jerusalem and Judah can be applied to our country’s current situation.

Isaiah 3

And I will make mere lads their princes,
And capricious children will rule over them,

And the people will be oppressed,
Each one by another, and each one by his neighbor;
The youth will storm against the elder
And the inferior against the honorable.

The president’s State of the Union address will consist of  his typical rhetoric:

1. The nation is getting stronger.

2. We need to sacrifice (at least the workers) a little bit more to achieve the transformation of our country.

3. Homosexuality is good. Same sex marriage is good.

4. It is everyone’s right to have _______ (fill in the blank).

5. The reason we have this problem is _______ (fill in the blank with any name but Obama’s name).

6. Guns are bad. Bullets are bad. The government must pass gun control legislation. In fact, the government must regulate _______ (fill in the blank).

7. Immigration reform must be accomplished now because everyone deserves a chance to have a better life.

8. Climate change must be addressed with ______ (fill in the blank with anything other than nuclear or fossil fuel options).

9. Obamacare will save the nation’s medical industry and provide affordable healthcare (at the point of an IRS short barrel rifle).

10. We have the best military in the world (but nothing can compare to drones against terrorists that Obama specifies).

The nation traded Liberty for entitlements in the 2012 presidential elections and good people will have to pay the consequences for their greed.

“Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security”

Benjamin Franklin

We may never know the exact nexus that history will point to as the cause of the collapse of the first American Republic. But we can listen to the children ruling in Washington at tonight’s State of the Union for a short list.

David DeGerolamo

Obama to Call for Cuts in US Nuclear Arsenal Tonight – On Same Day as North Korean Nuke Test

Barack Obama is reportedly going to call for more cuts in the US nuclear arsenal tonight.
The North Koreans just completed another nuclear test today.
Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 12.52.25 AM
The nuclear test recorded a 5.1 on the Richter scale.

Barack Obama will call propose sweeping new cuts in the US nuclear arsenal tonight in his State of the Union Address.
The Telegraph reported:

Barack Obama is expected to propose sweeping new cuts to America’s nuclear weapons arsenal on Tuesday when he delivers his annual State of Union, arms control experts said, as the re-elected President searches for a long-term legacy for his second term.


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