The Dog Bites the Hand That Feeds It.

Amazon is one of 269 corporations funding terrorism in the United States under the guise of supporting political correct propaganda:

And the consequences of their support are rewarded as shown below:

The Deep State, media, Congress and the Judiciary are all supporting the insurgency to overthrow the Constitution and install Communism in this country. Add the funding by corporate America and we are in trouble. For those who believe a hot civil war will be quickly won by our side, you are incorrect. They have money which is being used for training and the procurement of weapons.

I always said that this is the same old war of good vs. evil. It will not end quickly. It will be bloody and in the end, we all will lose. Pray for the moral people in this nation because we are under attack from every possible angle.

David DeGerolamo

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3 Responses to The Dog Bites the Hand That Feeds It.

  1. MarshFox says:

    I agree we will all lose. Good men will be held over the Volcano, and nobody will like when they find when that happens. I wonder if we will be spared the brunt of it up here in the mountains. Asheville, creeps closer to me everyday, and I have seen what that brand of crazy brings when we were station in Portland for three years. I came up here to get away from the crazy and live a quiet life, guess they just can’t leave well enough alone. Remember Benjamin Martin, what a prophet.

  2. Arch Stanton says:

    Training doesn’t happen overnight or on demand. We’ve armed and trained regularly going on seven years now. That’s what it takes to make a combat effective force. Most of us are vets who’ve seen action. I don’t see antifa or BLM coming out on top. We’re a lot hungrier than they are.

    • DRenegade says:

      I believe the people were hungry in the Hunger Games for a long time before they rose up. But that is just a book. Real life wars are won by numbers, supplies, intelligence, propaganda, money and luck. The other side may just wait for us to “age” out.

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