The Empire’s Sea of Woes, by Robert Gore

The noose cinches.

Second-rate George H.W. Bush got a first-rate Washington send-off. For one day it interrupted the downtrend in equity markets. It may mark the US apotheosis of inflated grandiosity. Across the Atlantic, Emmanuel Macron, pretentious popinjay of Gallic grandiosity, has gotten a deserved comeuppance. Brexit, Trump’s election, and nationalist uprisings in Southern and Eastern Europe apparently insufficient warning to the globalists who would rule us, the French rioters are sending yet another wake-up call. If that’s not enough, so too are many of the nations outside the Euro-American welfare state asylum.

The crazies’ kings, queens, and courtiers face a dwindling inheritance and mounting debt, but spend lavishly to keep up appearances. Falling markets and rioting taxpayers are unwelcome reminders that the money’s running out, leaving behind a stack of IOUs that won’t be paid. The aristocracy wants to offload the pain to the peasantry, but the riots demonstrate that the peasantry has other ideas. Our betters also want to blame their sea of woes on Eurasia’s leaders, but Russia, China, Russia, Turkey, and Iran are having none of that. They are, however, delighted to see the West crumbling and will do nothing to stop it.


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1 Response to The Empire’s Sea of Woes, by Robert Gore

  1. Mohammed's shoeshine boy says:

    I wondered if anyone notices something strange about the French riots. Exactly what is it that the idiot Marcon is doing that he had not pledged to do in front of the panting legions of French voters who elected him?

    What policies did he pledge to install that he reneged on? Am the French so crazy that they voted for these policies and have suddenly discovered what they mean? Its not the gas tax, Marcon said he’d increase them. Its not making France into a Muslim-black shithole, he told the voters he’d import them by the boatload.

    So why are the French now revolting?

    As for the British leaving the EEU what we are seeing is that the British conservative party is like our GOP, a slave to the establishment. They have no intention of doing what the voters want, any more than the GOP erected a wall or destroyed Obamacare.

    What is clear to me is that when people realize peaceful change isn’t possible they will resort to other means. We saw this at the Brady ranch in Nevada. A storm is coming.

    You had better be prepared and decide what you are going to do. Too many people are like those passengers on the sinking Titanic who did nothing hoping for something to rescue them. When the times comes if you aren’t ready you’re dead.

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