The End of an Era

Superman has renounced his US citizenship and his fight for the American way has now become a fight for the New World Order. I suppose that we will have to spend $5.99 to find out what is “enough anymore” for Superman. I thought our country and way of life was the envy of the world. And that is the problem: we are the envy of the world instead of the model for the world. The United States may not be perfect but our future is in our hands.

Maybe Clark should find out if he qualifies to be a citizen of the United Nations prior to renouncing his citizenship since he represents the “evil empire” that is vilified across the world.

At least when Spider-man saved Obama from an assassination attempt, he did not renounce his citizenship or should I add “yet”. This is a blatant attempt to indoctrinate our youth to accept NWO.

David DeGerolamo

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