The Federal Government is getting prepared…shouldn’t you?

The government has dropped all pretense of providing solutions…and is openly preparing for civil unrest in urban areas of America.

I have been getting reports for the past few months from friends across the country about substantial military activity near their homes and places of work- in Chicago, the San Francisco Bay area, Seattle/Tacoma, Houston, Raleigh/Durham, Baltimore, and also in Boston  – folks are witnessing sustained activity levels of military training.  Flights of Apache and/or Black Hawk helicopters are now regular sights in/around many of these cities.  Also becoming common are reports of A-10 “Warthog” jets flying what seem to be simulated bombing/strafing runs over suburban residential areas on the edge of these metro’s.  After seeing the news regarding the Chicago “exercises” this week, I decided to do some checking… the results of a quick search were impressive.  After filtering out all material which could be deemed questionable, I still found confirmation of military exercises being conducted in a dozen America cities in the past year.

Of perhaps more compelling interest: In Atlanta last month, large convoys of Humvees were seen maneuvering in the Lakewood Heights and Oakland City residential areas on more than one occasion, as I have been told.  Large-scale ground maneuvers in a major metropolitan area really stand out [as a warning sign] because they are so visible to residents, and can catalyse the vocal complaints of civic and community groups – therefore there is a measurable risk that just performing such an exercise will stimulate protests…so [assuming these reports are true] why would the Army run such exercises in areas which would be particularly sensitive to such a perceived ‘threat’?  This is about as smart as smoking while fueling your lawn tractor.  Amazed, I also looked for public confirmation of this event, but found none on-line… I leave it to the reader to ponder the veracity and implications of such large-scale ground exercises being performed in south Atlanta – an area historically known for its  poverty and racial tensions.

Could it be part of the preparations for this –

For brevity’s sake, I have included only a short-list of links…

Regards, LT

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4 Responses to The Federal Government is getting prepared…shouldn’t you?

  1. Michael Johnston says:

    A baseball team practices, so does a football team. As a member of Special Operations for most of my 28 year career I conducted multiple training exercises all over America in both urban and rural areas. Unfortunately we don’t have access to Iranian or Chinese cities to practice our craft so we use what we have. That’s not saying some of this training is not in response to potential civil unrest but I firmly believe the Military will not involve themselves unless our Nation is seriously at risk. The law doesn’t allow for it and Posse Commitatus has almost never been used in our history.

  2. LT says:

    More like a “necessary cost of preparation”, David. As a nation, we have been systematically desensitized to abuse and violence against us for the past 20 years. An entire generation has been raised with the PC “sit down and shut up” approach, and now the globalists want to consummate the deal, and subjugate the American People to a lower, broader standard. For one, I will not comply. I am an American, and if I cannot live in the Republic to which I was born and gave service, I will surely die trying to restore it. If they intend war, let it begin here.

    We fight not to kill, but to live, and to extend the blessings of Liberty to those who would cherish it as we do. Those who cast Liberty aside, do so at their own peril.

    “No Guns, No Freedom”

  3. III says:

    Posse who??? I thought the NDAA the president signed not too long ago kinda threw that out the window. Inch by Inch they take and take, soon we will find ourselves at the edge of a cliff.

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