The Fight is Coming: Civil War, Corrupt Churches & Antipathy

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2 Responses to The Fight is Coming: Civil War, Corrupt Churches & Antipathy

  1. a follower says:

    i am 56 years old and have never thought of these churches as ‘the church.’ Left when i was 18 and did not return to one for over 30 years. i go & attend a Bible study class only now. i have watched this church go from a piano to an electric music much social club type atmosphere in a period of 6yrs. i have watched them fight over rewriting their constitution, i have watched them force out a pastor and saw the crazy parameters on hiring a new one. many things that still turn my stomach.
    Went through a period of taking some leaps of faith, & also sat in a few different churches just to kinda see if any were issuing what i would consider the correct warnings.
    All we can do is fire occasional arrows of Truth and Pray to serve Him well.
    Some these churches may be a starting point or an introduction at best, but until the people within these buildings take an active interest to ‘seek’ for themselves, there comes a disconnect. Most of the people within these churches are clueless of how there church is even ran.
    Study at home, look at the world and what is being done & being said. If you speak up in church at least you warned them. Do not run away , speak well and appropriately, take your lumps, and come back. Until you flat can’t take it any more or they throw you out, whichever comes first.

    The fight is here, it is not coming. Stand up and speak the Truth when needed, use the words as the Holy Spirit gives you.
    Does your church understand that repentance, True repentance is the only way God will see fit to heal a nation?
    i suggest individuals need to take up this war. Individual accountability unto God. This is where repentance starts.
    Remember there is a chain of command in most churches to abide by His rules first and foremost, and theirs if you can.
    If you come off as a madman, no one listens. If you are the opposite of a mad man well you tried your best, that is all you can do.

    Growing your own food? Good idea, but that is not how we defeat the beast.

  2. Robert Gschwind says:

    I did not hear one word that was untrue. Been saying this for a long time.

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