“The government should be considered a hostile force in our land and treated as such…”

Friday, April 27, 2012

Posted by T.L.Davis

A Reckoning

We have passed into tyranny. There is no other conclusion one could come to. Yes, the masses continue on as before, seeking sports events on television rather than taking an interest in the machinations of government. There is the 90% rule in effect which recognizes that in any crisis, 90% of the people will remain subservient and idle while events unfold all around them. When they find a new master they will sigh and remain docile. I would not have thought this true of the American, but it is. My hopes were greater than that for my people.

But, today marks the beginning of something. It is a coordinated effort across the nation through different groups to arrive at a response to the sham of a government we endure. It is not so important that there are multitudes of people involved, or only a few, it is only important that there are people now who understand that the Constitution is no longer in effect in America.

It no longer matters what the Supreme Court rules on any number of issues. It no longer matters what the government might do to enforce these decisions, or ignore them, as their will dictates. We are without a Constitution and have begun a journey on the path of tyranny. Every amendment that has brought the people protection from government has been turned around to protect government in violation of the intent of the Constitution and the direct wording therein. The founders are defamed in order to justify these attacks on our system. If two members of the government nod their assent, our rights are violated and we become criminal when we protest that injustice.

Let it be so.

Let those in government come to understand that it was the Constitution that gave them protection from the masses and having disavowed it, violated it, re-worded it to suit their particular political agendas they invalidated it. They have cut the strings which held us at bay and gave them time to reconsider their rash actions, to rectify it before we revolted against them. They have not.

This government has lost its understanding of the purpose it served, which was to protect our rights, to defend them with the force of arms, if necessary. It is for this purpose alone that it was created and supported by the people. This government, like all others, exists only with the consent of the governed. Most people in the world do not recognize they have the power to unseat any government they find distasteful, they live in fear of their government and their death squads, unable to see past their fear that it only takes a few dedicated citizens to rally the others to the change. Recently, in Libya and in Egypt this has become clear to them as it has always been clear to us.

We have nothing left to defend with our lives but ourselves and our rights as these were not given to us by our government, but by God. The government, designed by the Constitution and empowered by the people only served as defenders of these rights against invaders and usurpers, traitors and provocateurs.

Through several bills and court actions against the states the federal government has proven itself hostile to those values that we hold dear: Life, Liberty and Property (each a part of the Pursuit of Happiness). As Jefferson said so long ago: That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

And so, here we are. Our government has become destructive of these ends. The Patriot Act has become the agent of harassment and invasion of privacy, of violating our principles. The DHS and TSA only fix a spotlight on the abuses of government, but there are so many ways in which the government has long sought to bring us under control, demand of us our liberty and dictate our thoughts. It is to a point where their legitimacy is gone.

The government does not have the money to make good on its promises and everyone will discover that soon enough. Cities, counties and states have bankrupted themselves trying to emulate the federal plan and we, the working few, are left with the tab for these ill-conceived and poorly managed programs.

We don’t have to take it. The government has violated its charter and no longer deserves the protections we offered them in the bargain. The government has chosen to become a free-agent and work for its own good instead of ours, to work against us to get more for itself. Fine, we will let them have it their way.

The government should be considered a hostile force in our land and treated as such, challenged as such, made to prove their authority at every turn, not just their ability to exert force, any bully can do that, let them prove that they have not violated the charter by seeking to return liberty to the people to validate the Constitution which gives it power. Until that time, they must be considered illegitimate and traitorous.

Today the work begins. Whether one has made it to the Liberty Summit this morning, or not, today is the day to start implementing your own plans to bring this government down, no matter how little one might be able to do, it will have a cumulative effect as others come to realize the power we have as citizens and the tenuous grip they have on power without our consent and support.

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  1. Larry Porter says:

    There is only one way for this to work. Each person who is serious must be willing to put their own life on the line in defending whatever they choose to fight against. That includes going to prison. We now have the largest population of any country in the world in our prisons, jails and/or on probation. And still people whistle past the cemetery. “It won’t be me,” they cry. “It won’t be me!”

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