The Intelligence of Elaine Marshall Supporters

I removed the following comment submitted on my YouTube video of Elaine Marshall speaking at the Occupy Raleigh Rally event on the Day of Rebellion.

zacharykelway has made a comment on Occupy Raleigh – Part 5:

LOL, The guy who put this up is Anti Elaine Marshall. He thinks this puts her in a negative light. Ever since Elaine Marshall was spotted at OWS. Her fund raising went threw the roof. He thinks that occupy wall street is the liberal counter measure for the tea party.OWS is just America. Heck even tea party people are there. WE ARE THE 99%. There are dumb people and smart people. his videos of stupid people represent what happens when a country doesent spend enough on Education and seince.

I put his grammatical and spelling mistakes in red. You can’t make this up. Zachary does not represent 99% of America, he represents the useless idiots who want us to pay for their debts.

As far as his assertion that I do not support Elaine Marshall, this is clearly outlined in my article “Elaine Marshall – No Honor”. Zachary’s support of Elaine Marshall is “what happens when you have no education or values”.

David DeGerolamo

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