The Necessity Of Going On The Attack

A war concludes when one side’s will to continue fighting is exhausted. Sometimes that requires the complete elimination of the losing side. Indeed, that was proposed in late 1945, even though Admiral Doenitz had announced Germany’s surrender to the Allies and Emperor Hirohito had announced Japan’s surrender to the United States. But far more often, the loser simply loses the will to resist, and says so plainly.

     However, you cannot attain victory by remaining forever on defense. In our current war with the forces of chaos, we’re the ones on defense, and slowly losing our will to continue. More, there are indications that we’re running out of time to flip things around.

     Have a tale from Jolly Olde England:

     The girlfriend of the man who flew a “white lives matter” banner over a football match in the UK has been fired from her job after refusing to take “intensive racial sensitivity training.”

     The banner was seen trailing behind a plane over Manchester City’s Etihad stadium on Monday before the club’s Premier League game with Burnley.

     It provoked widespread condemnation and a police investigation, although authorities subsequently concluded that no criminal offense had been committed.

     The person responsible for the banner, Burnley fan Jamie Hepple, faced a social media witch hunt although he responded with a Facebook post that said, “I’d like to take this time to apologise… TO ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOBODY!”

     However, after a Twitter mob discovered the employment details of his girlfriend Megan, she was fired by Solace Foot Health and Reflexology simply for being guilty by association.

     A statement released by the company said they were “willing to try to help Megan by paying for Intensive Racial Sensitivity training” but that Megan had evidently refused to be re-educated and would rather leave, meaning she was effectively fired for being the boyfriend of a man who thinks “white lives matter.”

     If you’re not grinding your teeth over that story – especially the bit about “trying to ‘help’ Megan” – you’d better stay far away from me. But my point isn’t the scrofulousness of the event. It’s this: Megan was not fired because of “guilt by association.” Megan was fired for a slightly more complex, considerably more cowardly reason:

  1. Megan is / was Jamie Hepple’s girlfriend;
  2. It was likely that the very Leftists who were enraged by Hepple’s banner would know that;
  3. Solace Foot Health and Reflexology feared to become a Left-targeted organization.

There is one and only one way to prevail against these monsters: we must go on the attack. They must be hunted down and beaten down, individually and collectively, so severely that they cannot imagine daring to rise ever again. The process must be so thorough and so remorseless that our consciences quail at the notion. Indeed, I have no doubt that it will involve permanent injuries and fatalities. That’s in the nature of a war – and a war is what’s in progress, the notions of some custardheaded types in the Corporate Pseudo-Right notwithstanding.

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5 Responses to The Necessity Of Going On The Attack

  1. Dr. Lon Schultz says:

    If we are to be right we must act right, no matter what, we must not lower ourselves to their level. We must not initiate the use of force or even hate. We must agressively peacefully stand up for freedom and justice; boycotte them and never kneel before them and then if they initiate the use of force against you, come down on them like a ton of bricks. This may be costly to be sure, but that is always a the price of freedom. Freedom is never free.

  2. Rabbi will McCubbins says:

    Notice the cops in this situation couldn’t find a crime. But the guy who flew the banner was investigated for it. So does that action merit an investigation? So why would the cops go to him at all? I think we all know the answer. Defund. Now!

  3. There seems to be a problem in England, the United States and elsewhere, when it comes to conservatives and those on the right. They all talk a good game, but when it comes down to actually doing something that involves standing up and fighting back against all of the leftist attacks taking place, those on the right lack the necessary courage. Here in the U.S., back when the usurper Obama was in office, we had all sorts of patriotic groups on line, such as Oath Keepers, Minutemen, Black-robed Brigade, etc, that bragged about how they would defend the Constitution and our rights and freedoms, but where are they today? Not a peep out of them while the country is being torn apart. State Governors, City Mayors and the police all take the same oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and safety of the citizens, but as soon as the governors and mayors fail to keep their oath, the police follow suit. I have often said that the Jews practice ritual circumcision, but Conservatives practice ritual neutering. People ask me, “Why don’t you do something?” Well I happen to be a 75 year old man in frail health, so what would you younger folk like me to do? I’m afraid the right has lost the war against the leftists a long time ago.

    • Truth-in-Tension says:


      I can understand your concern. Please keep in mind, while the odds are stacked against us and we have lost some battles and skirmishes we are still early in the overall conflict.

      The Brotherhood of Darkness is on the march, and they are now clearly demonstrating for all to see that they have corrupted much of our local, state and federal government. The fact that you are making comments on NC Renegades indicates that you recognize the danger that we are in and that you are not buying the MSM propaganda.

      While you may have frail health, you can still be in the fight. If you can breathe you can be in the fight. Here are just a few things that you can do:

      * You can write letters to local, state, federal office holders demanding that they support the 2nd amendment, freedom, low taxes, and propertarian principles. Call your office holders. Keep bothering them. Become the mosquito that keeps on biting. Irritation can be very effective.

      * Send out repeating e-mails to everyone you know advising them to watch the John Mark videos that explain Propertarianism and the Smart Right that are on Bitchute and Youtube.

      * Advise everyone you know to go to the Propertarian Institute webpage.

      * Tell everyone to boycott the big national box stores like Walmart, Target, REI, and Dicks.

      * Tell everyone to boycott, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Disney, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox.

      * Encourage everyone you know to get prepared for the increasing levels of conflict that is coming. Have plenty of water, food, essentials, weapons and ammo.

      * Encourage people on your street and on your block to form a block watch / protective group. Have them watch the Matt Bracken videos on Youtube, as well as read his novels and articles.

      * Be an inspiration for the conservative Smart Right.

      This is just a short list.

  4. Dr. Lon Schultz says:

    We must stick together and defend western society and freedom from all who would destroy it. If we won’t defend it, we surely don’t deserve it. As I said before, us old folks can still do a lot, stock up to help with supplies, food, shelter, communication and last but not least wisdom!

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