The New Tea Party

From YouTube:

It’s time for the full power of the Tea Party to be unleashed by joining every chapter in a national Tea Party alliance under the leadership of Retired General Paul Vallely.

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6 Responses to The New Tea Party

  1. tmedlin says:

    hmmmm….I don’t know about this….

    • David says:

      What’s not to know? We should follow a general to march on Washington, DC with 100,000 people to demand what are already our rights? Don’t you like FEMA camps?

  2. knows mo says:

    There is nothing wrong with the old tea party.

    • David says:

      There is nothing wrong with standing up to tyranny. I do not see a political solution. The effect of Tea Party candidates has not stopped unbridled spending, NSA surveillance or the NDAA. We will not stand up to tyranny on a national level until we stand up to it at even a local level. Step 1: understand that there is no political solution to secure our future. Then decide what you will sacrifice to give your children freedom. Hint: read the Declaration of Independence.

  3. Sue Hamm says:

    Change your name to Patriot Party and double your support. People who do not know the issues are reacting to bad press regarding your organization . They will respond to the very word patriot because they are beginning to see our nation falling into Obama’s hands. They want no dems no republicans and no tea party just a fresh start with good people who will uphold constitution and change term limits and remove lobbyists.

    • David says:

      Exactly right. The Tea Party label means nothing without patriots. I know what a patriot stands for and will stand up for. When the smoke clears, labels will be irrelevant.

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