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The New York Times, once a well-respected publication, known nationally as the newspaper of record and affectionately referred to as The Old Gray Lady, has disintegrated into a left wing publication. Its circulation has greatly diminished and its credibility become questionable, still it persists in its war with capitalism and conservative principles.

Take for example the Times defense of Opinion Editorial writer Sarah Jeong, an avowed racist, sexist, filthy mouthed, and lightly sprinkled with intelligence writer who rarely utters a civil comment. A couple of Ms. Jeong’s cerebral comments are:

1. “Dumbass f****** white people marking up the internet like dogs pissing on fire hydrants.”
2. “Oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men.”

Apparently, Ms. Jeong was raised by a pack of wolves or some other creatures which held little value on civility. I am left wondering if the Times pays Ms. Jeong a bonus based on her guttersnipe language?! Even David Duke has never said that he wanted to hurt black people. It is astonishing that the Times would openly verify its politics by hiring Ms. Jeong. But, on the other hand, the views of the Times are boilerplate Leftist, and nothing more toxic than the normal yowling and braying of the sexually disturbed and racially hostile within the new breed of charming ladies in America.

Ever eager to display her genteel upbringing, Ms. Jeong opined, “White men are bullshit.” Were it not for my rural Missouri upbringing which taught me to be respectful of all things feminine, I might suggest that old white men have provided almost everything that keeps militant, oppressed females fed and comfortable while they piss and moan, play with their iPhones and blame everyone but themselves for their unhappiness. But, because my mother wouldn’t want me to voice that observation, I shall refrain from stating the obvious.

Even though my upbringing prohibits me from making intuitive observations, I am still allowed the luxury of questions. I am wondering if Ms. Jeong has ever used inside plumbing that wasn’t designed, built, and maintained by some man. Perhaps she uses the small clump of grass outside her apartment to relieve herself; who knows. When her automobile makes a funny noise or won’t perform as designed, does Ms. Jeong take it to some irate woman wearing a “pussy” hat for diagnosis and repair? Somehow I don’t envision Gloria Steinem, Madonna, or Maxine Waters being the solution to fixing a modern marvel of conveyance. Since Ms. Jeong is described as a Tech writer, I wonder what she would have to write about were it not for men. Hunting food with a stick? How to properly start a fire with two flint rocks? Like it or not, most every modern convenience known to man was invented by some white man of European heritage. This is merely one of those inconvenient truths Mr. Gore failed to mention.

Another inconvenient truth is that most men like women. It comes to mind that our mothers were actually women. Also our sisters, wives, grandmothers, daughters, and girlfriends are women. These may be facts that escaped Ms. Jeong’s attention when she attended a Liberal Arts college, but I assure you all this is true.

Ms. Jeong needs to be more forgiving. When the typical man is confronted with a female with the personality of a rabid dog, he is taken aback. We find it unnerving because it isn’t what we are accustomed to, or at least not until recently, and have no idea of what we are to do.

When I think of females my mind turns to sugar and spice and everything nice. It would not have occurred to me, until recently, to think of females in terms of full of snot, bile, racial animosity, misandry, and base language. But time marches on. The fact that the New York Times fronts for Ms. Jeong says more about how far our country has slid into the slime pit than about the woman specifically.

Have a good week. Bill Shuey is a freelance writer in Murphy, North Carolina

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  1. Seneca III says:

    In the UK, ‘The Times’ (London) has gone exactly the same way when it comes to slagging President Trump, Nationhood and freedom – they have become the tame parrots of the US MSM; where once they were known as the Thunderer they are now the Wimperer.

    Meanwhile, the BBC has long been acting like CNN on steroids, only with a bit more subtlety and circumspection. Collectively they’re Marxist-Socialists with their knickers in a serious twist because they are watching their Globalist project writhing in its early death throes.

    They live in fear and are preparing to defend themselves down to the last drop of blood – our blood, not theirs.

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