The People that CANNOT be Effectively Dispersed

So, Governor Ralph Northam declares a “state of emergency” on the eve of a peaceful pro 2A lobby day gathering. He still thinks we are intimidated by an earthly entity and that his mobilization of emergency forces will deter the people from our peaceful assembly. That right to assemble peacefully is guaranteed never to be restricted by government as written in our 1st Amendment. The public servants in VA do not understand that we don’t worship them, they are not our gods, and they will not prevent us from gathering to express and share our concerns. Although God gave us our unalienable rights to keep and bear arms, we come courteously and in peace to SPEAK, if they will hear us. If we are prevented from gathering and speaking peacefully, are they telling us once and for all that the verbal dialogue over? It is God Almighty that emboldens us to stand firm in our position. I myself will be arriving “naked” (unarmed) to boldly attest to this point. Will this be our last attempt to bend over backwards to establish a peaceful record of our wishes and position? I pray that they gain the ears to hear what the people have to say. NOTE: I will go to this event with no earthly weapon, armed only with the Truth. NOTE: I will not and do not promote any form of violence at this lobby day event. NOTE: I intend to return peacefully to my home after this peaceful event is over. NOTE: If this peaceful gathering “feels threatening” to any political entity, then I suspect them of having criminal intent. Please screenshot this video description and keep it on record. Pray for us.

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10 Responses to The People that CANNOT be Effectively Dispersed

  1. Charley Waite says:

    “It is God Almighty that emboldens us to stand firm in our position. “- this is TRUTH and why they hate us so much

  2. Citizen says:

    I’ll be there at the Capitol in Richmond on Monday, January 20 with family, friends, neighbors, and strangers. We will not stay home because of cold weather or inconvenience. We will not stay home in response to fear-mongering by left or right. That we must plan for traffic and parking and might have to walk some — so what! That we cannot be armed while in the buildings or on the grounds of Court Square — so what! We will be counted. We will be present and speak for liberty, for our rights, for the rights of our children. And we will be speaking for the rights of the sunshine patriots, the ones who can come but won’t, the ones finding excuses to stay home.

  3. Sayedna Gregori says:

    “NOTE: I will not and do not promote any form of violence at this lobby day event.” I also hate violence, but when the enemy is using every means at their disposal to strip you of your God given rights and eventually enslave you, at what point does it become necessary to rise up and FIGHT to protect your RIGHTS, your FREEDOM and your family? The grave yards of history are full of bodies and bones of those who despised violence and who believed in peaceful negotiation. Peaceful negotiation and compromise ONLY emboldens the evil leftists because they are, unlike those on the right, never satisfied with just a piece of the pie, they want the whole thing and will continue their efforts until finally they have the whole enchilada while we are left holding the dirty end of the stick. Often it happens so gradually that very often we have no idea what has happened. There comes a time when one must STOP playing nice. When you lose with the “soap box”, you try with the “ballot box”, and if that fails you go to the “jury box”. If the leftists defy a jury and court order, the last resort MUST be the “ammo box”.

    • PB in Virginia says:


    • Citizen says:

      We must try the peaceful means first -- -- our freedoms to speak, to assemble, to petition the government. That’s what the 2A Lobby Day is about. We haven’t lost until the general Assembly passes and the Governor signs unconstitutional laws. THEN things could become really sticky. (Some will say, no, no, wait for the matters to drag through the courts. I have zero confidence in the courts. The courts have not supported the people and the constitution, the courts have not struck down the unconstitutional laws passed in NY, CA, NJ, etc.) Governor Northam and his ilk may naively believe they’ll stay above the fray, they’ll somehow be immune or exempt from any strife they cause. That would be very naive. But history must show we tried the peaceful constitutional means on Monday, January 20 at the Capitol Square in Richmond.

  4. riverrider says:

    gas mask, gloves, eye protection if no gas, hood on your jacket. good luck my brother patriot. if you want to play, look to the demonstrators in hong cong. they have it to a science. god be with you.

  5. pd says:

    LEAVE YOUR CELL PHONES AT HOME. Make it harder for them.

  6. John K says:

    Insult Gov blackface, everyone should wear a black mask like Antifa.

  7. hkcamp says:

    Yes we’re all praying. Praying for God’s protection of you and all attending the rally.

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