The Percentage of Slavery Is Not Relevant

Anyone who uses the labor of another person without payment or representation is enslaving that person. George Washington was asked why he fought against his lawful king. He replied that part of his labor was used to pay taxes for which he received no representation. That meant that he was a slave. The percentage of “slavery” was not relevant: any portion of the theft of the fruits of your labor is enslavement.

We know that we are slaves in this country. We may even deserve it for our transgressions and apathy. But the logic remains: we are as much enslaved as we are in a cold civil war.

David DeGerolamo

h/t Sal

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1 Response to The Percentage of Slavery Is Not Relevant

  1. a follower says:
    Adams World Sentenced:
    “Go, therefore, Adam, and all your progeny that shall form the world, produce your own fund of knowledge. Decide for yourself what is good and what is evil. Produce your own educational systems and means of disseminating knowledge, as you god Satan shall mislead you. Form you own concepts of what is god, your own religions, your own governments, your own life-styles and forms of society and civilization. In all this Satan will deceive your world with his attitude of SELF-centeredness--with vanity, lust and greed, jealousy and envy, competition and strife and violence and wars, rebellion against me and my law of LOVE.
    a follower -- Tell me you can not see this is the world in which we now live, the signs are here.
    i would also add Health care and “Insurance” to the list he presents us with.
    We live within the beast system we have so long feared and have been warned about, never recognising that it is here and we are the creators?

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