The problem is us

Ever since Mr. Obama was sworn in as the president in 2009, he has been blamed for every woe that besets our nation. Certainly he has done his level best, through design or ineptness, to exacerbate the problems that were present when he took office – but, he didn’t create this entire mess on his own. He had help – us!

First and foremost, the American people elected Mr. Obama – he didn’t elect himself. In spite of all the scandals swirling around Obama, the majority either ignored or didn’t care about his inexperience, distortions, half-truths, and obvious untruths. And in the course of the past 6 years, many people seem satisfied with his performance or lack thereof. Of course the country is split between liberals and conservatives, and when the dole crowd is thrown in, it is tough to beat a liberal.

The United States might as well be split into two universes, because we are split into two entirely different countries. The animosity and apathy that this creates will ultimately result in another civil war, and over the same basic issues. The two coasts, the elite academia, and the snooty Northeasterners, and our liberal media are aware of what is going on in this country, but, they have absolutely no interest in facing the crisis or doing anything meaningful about it. That is not to say that they are not perfectly willing to throw federal tax dollars at the problems that plague the inner cities, but they have no interest in rolling up their sleeves and working on the problem itself.

The rest of the country – those flyover states and the South have no real interest in the problems that plague the inner cities – they are perfectly willing to cling to their guns and religion. The first group believes that guns kill people – well actually they don’t – but they don’t want to admit who does. The second group knows that people kill people and they also know who the killers mostly are. Since most folks in group two avoid the inner cities and keep dogs and guns to protect their homes and property, they cavalierly feel that the blacks (oh my, I meant inner city teens) can kill as many of each other as they desire. Neither mindset can last.

Group one believes that America really isn’t all that bad. Most of these folks have never been in a fight – well perhaps for a pay raise, or funding for some liberal agenda – but never in a fight where one’s nose blocks someone’s fist. Therefore, they can’t identify with the reality that people will bludgeon other people merely to see them bleed or die. Don’t take my word for it, ask the white guy in Baltimore who recently got battered by around 50 young blacks (dang, I meant teens) and is facing around one-quarter million dollars in medical expenses to put his face back together. Young blacks (I meant teens) routinely pound whites just for the fun of it – you won’t read about the event in the newspaper or hear about it on television – but it happens. But, what you will hear and see in a seemingly endless new stream when some white guy loses his job for using a pejorative term starting with “n” in the spoken or written word to describe a black person. Life ain’t fair – and it will get worse, much worse.

We the people allow this to continue. Most of us have the funds to put a black (teen) hate crime in the newspaper if the media won’t print the event on their own – we don’t. Most of us could demand that our elected officials make people who live off the dole be accountable – we don’t. We sit in our homes and occasionally pop off a few handgun rounds to stay proficient with our sidearm and wait for the lid to blow off the inner cities – it will.

Perhaps if the next time that a gang of black street thugs (oops, teens) murder or bludgeon a white person – white America should have a “sick out” day. Don’t go out and steal the local Walmart shelves clean – just don’t go out at all. Perhaps the media and our government would get the message – nah, they would just call it was a new virus strain!

Have a good week. Bill Shuey is a freelance writer from North Carolina.

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20 Responses to The problem is us

  1. Phil says:

    Mr. Shuey, Obama and his BOLSHEVIKS are the problem and have always been, they have grown in vast numbers over the last 60 years because we did not stop them from infiltrating our institutions and government. These are pure Bolsheviks which originated in Russia under there masters the Ashkenazi Khazarian Jews. these Bolsheviks are liars and deceivers, and they are masters at this . In the future I will address these people as Bolsheviks because they hate being called this , its an insult to them because they know what they are, MURDERERS.
    The liberal left loves calling Conservatives names like Nazis, haters, homophobe, racists, etc. these are all ad homonym attacks to detract us from calling them by there true name and nature which are Bolsheviks. when addressing the Media this is what they should be called continually until it is hammered into there psyche.

    • Lee says:

      Blame it on the Jews, typical anti-Semite response. Obama and his kind operate more on the level of National Socialist than the Marxist Communist (Bolsheviks). Over the years these two groups have united and blended their political objectives -- world domination. This is what the NWO wants and is all about. The powder keg is about to blow.

      • Phil says:

        No Lee, the jews are Bolsheviks and have always been, by calling me names just proves my point, you sound like a spoken true Bolshevik yourself. you have just called me an anti Semite which the Bolsheviks in the media do all the time, when you don’t agree with there thinking, You really need to consider looking at your life and what you really stand for.Just read the old testament and you will clearly see that spirit was around back then, you are most duped sir and by calling me names like anti Semite means absolutely nothing, it just prove my point to the fullest. i am a true jew grafted into the tree of Abraham, not some phony two bit Ashkenazi Jew. I will bet you don’t even know what khazarian jews are , right Lee.

        • Lee says:

          Khazarians adopted Judaism as their religion about 740 AD. Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia wiped out 80-90% of ethnic Jewry in the early to mid 20th century. The spirit of anti-Semitism lumps all “sects” of Judaism together out of ignorance. I know the Hebrew Scriptures very well, have studied them over the past 15 years. I am of the Seed of Abraham, YHVH having revealed that I am of the tribe of Efrayim (Ephraim) 6 years ago. I also believe Yeshua (Jesus) is the Sent One and Redeemer of all Israel and that we are in the last days before His return to restore the Kingdom of God on earth and to usher in the eternal Kingdom of God at the end of His 1,000 year reign on earth.

  2. John Kummer says:

    Phil, get your heart right, man. Jew hatred is a horrible thing for a professing Christian to harbor. What about Yeshua (Jesus)? Do you hate him too? What about we Messianics? People of Jewish heritage by DNA, but Talmidim (disciples) of Yeshua. We call ourselves “completed Jews”, so are we not “true Jews ” too? You must consider yourself a patriot and a lover of liberty to even be on this site. Good for you. Me too. Instead of buying in to Nazi mythology, read what the founding Fathers of our great country thought about the Jewish people and the restoration of Israel. It may change your thinking on the matter. I will pray for you.
    Shalom in Yeshua and in Liberty,
    John in Sylva

    • Lee says:

      John, reading your post I would consider you an Israeli of unknown tribal heritage, not necessarily a Jew (tribe of Judah), and to be a Talmid is a blessing from YHVH.

      • John Kummer says:

        Lee, thank you for that. You are, of course, correct on both counts. I was trying not to confuse the less learned.
        Shalom, pal, John

        • Lee says:

          And there is always room for all of us to learn more and, for me, the Hebraic perspective was a beginning, and Torah helped me and led me deeper into the truth Yeshua came to expound on.
          Blessings to you and yours brother John!

  3. watcher says:

    There are Hebrew Israelites who accept Yeshua as their Messiah, and there are some Jews that have accepted Yeshua as Messiah. Some Jews that to this day are still awaiting their messiah.

    The differences here is that Judaism, in practice, since it’s Pharisee inception, has not been biblical. Ever. The numerous Jewish sects have developed a religion that is based on interpretations from men, from rebbi, and from sages or elders. Not from YHVH!
    Each sect fights amongst the others for a hierarchy of pure ideology. NONE are pure in their practices and beliefs. Those men that we have been warned over and over from Yeshua and written extensively in ALL the New Testament books, in Acts and those written by Saul, (Paul, who was born into Judaen Pharisee priesthood of the Jews), to dis-envow these manmade doctrines and false practices and false teachings.

    • John Kummer says:

      You are clearly a good guy who knows much. Yet, in the interest of complete accuracy, I respectfully submit the “Karaites” for your consideration. They are Jews (Tribe of Judah) who have rejected Rabbinical teaching in its entirety. They follow the Tanahk only. Nehemia Gordon is one of their scholars and authors who has wide appeal across both Judaism and Christianity. By the way, I fully agree with your most current post as well.
      Shabbat Shalom and Baruch HaShem,

      • Lee says:

        John, I have an issue with the Karaites; they reject Yeshua as Messiah although they are accurate in other areas, with the exception of the ripened barley before the Passover can be determined, many in the Hebraic perspective movement see this as an extra-biblical requirement. I have been at this for over eight years so I am aware of this and other Karaite “errors”.

      • John Kummer says:

        I agree, Brother. Karaites are not believers, yet. They have errors of course; and I stand with you on the Matthew 23 thing. Mike Rood is out to lunch here too -- I still love him though. I was simply pointing out to “Watcher” that not all Jews were Rabbinical as he implied. Gordon writes some great stuff and some wrong stuff. At the time I cited him I was thinking of “The Conspiracy of Silence”; a great work in which he makes the case (biblically) that we are to ask YHWH for requests in His name and to Bless others in His name. Awesome book, but yeah, I recognize the shortfalls. I still wish that I could write as well as NG though.
        Shabbat Night Shalom, John

        • Lee says:

          I like Mike Rood’s teachings of the Hebraic perspective when he did “A Rood Awakening” but he is too business oriented, in my opinion. I have been associated with The Seed of Abraham for over 7 years, and enjoy the articles on Refiner’s Fire as they are direct and make you think about some of the erroneous teachings in Christendom. But, as with anything “new” one must be careful and the Hebrew Roots movement is full of some wild and non-biblical teachings. Also in Messianic Judaism are some erroneous teachings. Ask YHVH for His truth in the name of Yeshua and the Spirit will direct one in the path of Truth when coupled with a solid Biblical foundation.
          May your week be filled with blessings and peace.
          Shalom aleikhem!

  4. watcher says:

    …..As practices of tradition. As leaven. As adding or subtracting to/from the Torah; the Elohim given Mosaic Laws to HIS chosen people, THE ISRAELITES. Pharaseeism remains in practice today in every christian doctrine practiced. And is enbedded in the basis of Both Judaism and in Messianic Judaism.Whether you were borne or converted or was grafted into the Covenant of Yeshua, It’s time for man to research the roots of the doctrine that he is practicing and in what he has been told is TRUTH and biblical, whether he calls himself “christian” or “jewish”.
    They are both full of leaven and are not biblical.

    Shabbat Shalom.

    • Lee says:

      Yes Christendom is full of leaven and unbiblical doctrines, not being of Jewish background I cannot comment on that but all the Scriptures, “Old” and “New” are my basis for the truth and only the Scriptures of the Holy Bible. That is my basis for the Truth.

  5. lt says:

    The problem with “urban youffs” didn’t create itself. I have said it many times because it bears repeating -- progressives (who are actually communists and therefore anti-liberals) are the most bigotted, racist bunch of cretin on the planet. From Hitler and Stalin to Margaret Sanger and the entire Rockefeller family, they are all racists; and ecen worse, they are all emphatically in favor of eugenics. THEY have created the problem: by agressively destroying the black family, by purposefully ‘blockbusting’ urban neighborhoods and turning them into ghettos, by destroying the public education system and systematically promoting ignorance, by exciting the base passions of young blacks with obscene music, television programming, and movies, and perhaps most notably by promoting a spirit of violent separatism by encouraging an uniteligible dialect and vernacular which ostracizes young blacks from the society of anyone other than their peers, who are equally deformed in morals and social conduct.
    All of this has been purposefully accomplished in order to create an environment which forces blacks to self-segregate. The ultimate end of such a contrived purpose can only be the conflagration of intractable racial violence which leads to a government compulsory hard segregation, and ultimately a systematic stripping of citizenship and subsequent deportation or execution of all blacks from the country.

    No different from what Hitler did to the Jews…


  6. JMarshalek says:

    Throughout the history of the Jewish people, the Sent One and the Redeemer of Israel, has established His covenant with those who found His promises to be true and righteous. As Abraham found that God was faithful to keep His promises, so have those in each generation, who heard the voice of God and obeyed His commands, these have found God’s promises to be true and righteous. Those who are of the Seed of Abraham have become the sons of God. On the other hand, there are also in each generation, those who have rejected God’s voice and sought to establish their own religion with is demonic. In the time of Elijah, there was a remanent that was determined righteous, yet, most were the sons of the devil. And in each generation, this is also true. Whether in the generation of Elijah, or recent generations, there have been Jewish men who have rejected God’s voice and sought to rule according to their own wisdom.

    Like the high priest Caiaphas, there are Jews today who seek to align themselves with the imperial powers of this world, in order to protect the Jewish nation from persecution. The Jewish philosophers of the last century, formulated earthly political-economic strategies meant to protect the common Jew from the reoccurring progroms of the gentile elite. Socialism, communism, and neo-conservatism are the fruits of these men’s attempt to mitigate the “diaspora” disciplining of God on His chosen people in each generation.

    These earthly Jews cry never again. These earthy Jews cry anti-Semite. The social engineering of populations, to be tolerant of all cultures absent of truth and righteousness, are the preparations leading to the generation of the anti Christ and the Jewish leader who will deceive the world for three and a half years.

    What is happening in the ghettos of America is the foreshadowing of what is to come. Violence and strife must first exist before the people call out for peace peace. And only then, can the Abomination of Desolation ascend to his earthly throne.

  7. John Kummer says:

    JM, Yes, I see your point. Call me and we will argue about the ethnicity of the anti-Christ. (There is a reason he is called “the Assyrian” in the Tanahk). You do a disservice to freedom loving, Constitutional, Messiah-loving Jews when you lump us in with earthly Jews. “Never again” is also a saying of the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, a Friend Organization of Oath Keepers. As far as anti-semitism, it does exist and it has no place in Messiah’ s Church. And yes, the Diaspora was YHWH’ s discipline. It is over. The land, Eretz Yisrael has been reconstituted in part. If you are truly a believer, be glad for this. You will be ruling and reigning for a thousand years there with Messiah Yeshua.
    Shalom in Him,
    John K. In Sylva 828-399-1379

    • JMarshalek says:


      I did not mean to say that the Abomination of Desolation will be a Jew. I meant to say that there will for a 3 1/2 year period be a relationship between the anti christ and the Jewish religious leader in that generation. Just like Caiaphas and the occupying force of Rome, there will come a time where there will be great deception taking place in the nation of Israel. In the process of time God will send two prophets to call out to all of Israel to repent and believe. In the mean time, I believe like in the time of Elijah that God has saved in each generation His people who have not bent their knee to Baal. Today is no different than 1948. God is doing a work and will keep His promise to His people Israel. But there exists along side a people He does not know. And these people do a great harm to those who God has chosen within the nation of Israel.

      The foment of anti-semitic fervor today is in part the fruit of the Jew who is not of the Seed of Abraham. The Jew who follows the wisdom of men and denies the voice of Yeshua have become the tool of Satan. They cling to their oral traditions and deny the wisdom of God that is found in the Tanahk.

      And as for me, a gentile, I am glad to have been grafted in to the Natural olive tree.

      Isaiah 11:10 “And in that day there shall be a Root of Jesse,
      Who shall stand as a banner to the people;
      For the Gentiles shall seek Him,
      And His resting place shall be glorious.”

      I have never believed Replacement Theology. That also is a doctrine of demons. Instead, I grow more in the likeness of my Jewish Root. And am grateful that Yeshua has sought to reconcile me with His people Israel.

      There will come a time where according to God’s grace and mercy, I might rejoice with all branches that are holy. From the generation of Abel to the generation that will live under the 1000 year reign of Yeshua.

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