The Real Enemy Is Google

Let’s be clear: this video is propaganda. It is well done and its message should not be overlooked. The actual analogies between Hogg and Hitler are minimal. Hitler was a great speaker and “motivator” who was able to mislead the German people down a very dark path. Hogg is a useful idiot for the puppet masters of the Deep State. He will never lead people and is not a good speaker – with or without a script.

The second message is more subtle: Google (the parent company of YouTube) is controlling what you view. Whether their control is overt as in this video or subtle by the deletion of a video, it is still control. Their decision to ban entire classes of videos concerning firearms is very disturbing. The ability to dictate what people see and hear is the very essence of controlling people through propaganda and the submission of truth.

Get ready.

David DeGerolamo

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  1. Comrade Obama says:

    The answer is competition. This will destroy both of these Marxist corporations.

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