The Seeds Have Been Planted For The Next American Civil War. I Don’t Think Anything Stops It Now.

The United States is in a Civil War. You can call it a cold war, a luke warm war, a one event from all out shooting war, but it hasn’t gone full blown hot, yet. The outrage from the communist Democrats every day is not due to Donald Trump, no it’s aimed at us, the common man, the Deplorable, the Dreg of Society. They hate us and everything we stand for. They despise that we won’t bow down and let them rule over us.

The mask have been off of the Democrats, the Deep State, and the never Trump Republicans for some time now. They hate America and what we stand for. They hate you for not obeying them and thinking for yourselves. They hate that they have lost power and cannot rule over you. They hate that you put an outsider into the Whitehouse who cannot be controlled. Bottom line is they hate you.

There is no way for the political situation in the US to become better. Let me repeat this. THERE IS NO WAY THINGS GET BETTER. It is total war at this point. It is a war of attrition at this point. There is no scenario where everyone starts liking (or even accepting) everyone on the other side. The Left was so close to actually sticking a fork in us if Hillary had won. Trump awakened the common man, the deplorable, the dreg, but it doesn’t mean that we will win. It only means that we will either prevail or we will go down fighting. No middle ground. This will be an elimination event. Either we wipe these Marxist/Communist from the face of the earth or they wipe us out. There is no other way. We cannot coexist with these evil people.

We are no longer one country and haven’t been for some time now. The US, at least in the way the founding fathers had envisioned it, is no more. The communist Democrats and Deep State Republicans in this country consider us their inferiors. Don’t believe me just listen to the way they describe us. Watch their actions. The point of compromise has passed. You don’t compromise with people who wish you dead and think the world would be better off without you and your way of thinking.

We are under attack. This Civil War/Revolution/Communist takeover is well under way. We are getting punched in the face on a daily basis and it seems all we can do is talk. Our side is being arrested for defending their lives and property, while the other side is free to do as they please without any apparent consequences. Their side is threatening us with Civil War if our President does his duty as stated in the Constitution and appoints a Supreme Court Justice to fill Ginsburg’s seat.  While no one wants war, at this point, it is acceptable to me. Evil must always be confronted.

Our Founders were willing to die for the rights espoused in the Declaration they crafted and signed at their own Peril.  Their document boldly proclaimed our Right to Live in Freedom, freedom to be protected, not threatened, by the rule of the government.  The fundamental rights and freedoms enumerated in the Declaration of Independence included the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  These rights were God-given and could not be eliminated, and the communist left despises this. I believe it’s time for us to pledge our Lives, Fortunes and sacred Honor, to provide a better future for the generations to come.

This Country is done! What replaces it is up to us. The seeds have been planted for the next American Civil War. The second one is going to make the first one seem like a High School shoving match. Pick your side. Choose wisely. Prepare for the most brutal war that this world has ever seen. It’s coming. I don’t think anything stops it now. Hopefully we can set things right if we win, or at least die trying.

In closing, I think an ominous question exists that every person capable of rational thought must ask themselves.  What kind of country are we leaving to our children and grandchildren?  What will you say when they ask what YOU did to stop the tyranny and destruction of our Constitutional Republic?

May God have Mercy on us all.


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40 Responses to The Seeds Have Been Planted For The Next American Civil War. I Don’t Think Anything Stops It Now.

  1. Rabbi Will McCubbins says:

    Right Wes! And we’ve got what?6 or 8 guys willing to fight this. Everybody else wants to talk. Or vote ..

  2. Rick says:

    “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed;
    if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may
    come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you
    and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may
    have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish
    than to live as slaves.”
    Winston Churchill

  3. Forearmed says:

    An old man told me once when I was young; “If you want to kill an Idea or Ideal you must kill everyone who harbors those sentiments, right down to, but excluding those too young to remember.”. This is how ancient wars were fought. You DO NOT want your enemy to come back years later to fly in your face once again.

    If we want to put down these riots by anarchist we must bite the bullet, and I mean that literally. They will not stop unless they start dying in large enough numbers to get it through their thick skulls that we aim to kill them all if they do not back the fuque up and rethink their positions.

    I am suggesting a strategy of; “TAKE NO PRISONERS” !!!

    The Anarchist have taken us over the edge and now is not the time to lose our resolve to right the problem. If cops and the government cannot step up and take charge, allow we patriots to step in and take care of your problem. We won’t be as nice as are the cops, because we won’t take prisoners.

    • General says:

      It is time we set up squads to sweep these animals, showing we mean business. If these terrorists continue anarchy, riots, arson , shootings, without repercussions it will end up in a full blown civil war…

      • David Boling says:

        Well said,but we are not organized and have no secure comm net.

        • Bill says:

          you said the magic words , we are not organized as of yet, but it will happen very fast when there families are getting raped, murdered and looted and they watch there children die in front of them. just watch how fast they gather like a hornets nest.

        • General says:

          Where I live all counties are red, all areas have ham radio systems and are ready to deal with these loons.
          Police, Sheriff, are setting up for any problem.

          All are well trained, supplied and ready for this.

          Not all areas have this advantage, need contingency plans and location relocation’s..

          • Brad Long says:

            Ham radio is great. GMRS is a good step down from there. But there is a HUUUGE learning curve and $$ equipment. Go with classic CB radio!! 11 meters for
            mobile and base (27 Mhz). For close in handheld, the FRS radios are now legal at 2 watts. Small and great UHF work (462 Mhz). Can’t go wrong with the Motorola Talkabouts. 5 or 6 guys could easily cover a small sub division on FRS. A CB base with a simple stick antenna
            above your roof has no problem getting out to mobiles
            5 miles away.

  4. Ray Jones says:

    i think you folks will find that a lot of us boomers will find our parents trained us to fight and to fight to win most of us are hunters and have been all our lives….so while we may not be able to dance with the 20 some things we have a life time of practice with fire arms and have no need to dance strut or run our mouths we can be at a distance and do a great deal of damage if we so choose so dont be so quick to to say no one is willing to fight we all learned long ago to choose our battles carefully and if we must fight we fight with winning in mind but when it comes to defending our families thats one of our core values….and like i have told a thousand people if the gun owners of brussels belgium all would have shot a few germans they would have ran out of germans to shoot and brussels would not have fallen with a whimper like it did…

  5. 173dVietVet says:

    Well fed people do not engage in dust ups unless forced to defend themselves.
    Communists & anarchists whose religion is revolution are like MoeHmered jay-haadies.
    They live to fight, to bully, to intimidate, and die for their faith.

    The good people will not fight back unless they are suffering and see that as the only solution.

    Many are leaving Blue hives for the God-fearing countryside but it will be a long time before they establish connections at their new homes. Without connections created through church, children’s school/sports, work contacts, they will not join in with local defenders; nor will they be easily accepted either.

    IMHO, until the power fails or food stops being delivered, the Silent Majority will continue to sit and refuse to organize. However, I do think the coming DemonicRat vote theft, cheating, rioting will bring the anger of the Right nearer the breaking point.

    Buckle up ! This next six months is going to put 2020 in the record books !!

    And I too pray for blessings from Almighty God…….

  6. Truth-in-Tension says:


    Very good article. As always you are right on all elements.

    Relating to the comments that have been posted, instead of whining that not enough American’s are willing to confront the ABR in a direct confrontational manner, maybe, at the very least, conservatives (I will not use the term Patriots for conservatives because conservatives have become fearful) could break away from watching sports on TV and start working together in a coordinated manner and help Kyle Rittenhouse, after all, he did more to shine the light on the demonic ABR cockroaches then all of the conservatives combined up to this point.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how we can help Kyle Rittenhouse, or are you okay with allowing him to be sacrificed on the alter of demonic international socialism, so that you can continue to whine about how ABR is destroying our towns, counties, states, and country?

    If you have any ideas on how we can help Kyle Rittenhouse please share them.

    Also, please stop whining about the friction and civil war. We can see what is happening. Whining is not a strategy. At the very least let’s start helping American Patriots that are being prosecuted by the International socialists. Kyle Rittenhouse is a political prisoner.

    Wes, in your article you state that we must choose sides, however, choosing sides is a meaningless decision without action. Inaction to help the people on your side results in failure and makes it impossible to encourage other people to join your side.

    Least I forget, do we really care or want to debate the philosophies of legal authority vs. traditional authority when we have inalienable rights that were given to us by God? That is the Supreme Authority.

    Our inalienable rights where not given to use by traditional authority (Kings or Queens) or from legal authority (corrupt judges, politicians). I believe both Frederic Bastiat and Murray Rothbard thoroughly explained how laws are corrupted and how authority is misused by corrupt people.

    Kyle Rittenhouse was in the right because he was exercising his inalienable rights, period. Either we help him or he is doomed along with the rest of us. If he is sacrificed because patriots did not rally to help him, then I ask, who will rally to help you?

    • Wes Rhinier says:

      “are you okay with allowing him to be sacrificed on the alter of demonic international socialism,” Nope. Are there enough guys to storm the jail and bust him out and then continue the fight that would follow?
      He has a good lawyer and they are trying to go thru our “injustice” system. Sadly though I’m sure he will find out our legal system is weighed heavily against us.
      ” If he is sacrificed because patriots did not rally to help him, then I ask, who will rally to help you?”
      Sadly there are not many at this point who are willing and ready to help.
      But you know what happens if we continue to do nothing? Nothing

      • Truth-inTension says:


        Thank you for your reply. I do want to clarify that I was not suggesting that patriots gather their arms and go bust Kyle out of jail, rather I was asking for suggestions on how we can actually help him. The following are some suggestions:

        1. Change the perception of the Wiscon[sin] politicians. This can be done in many ways, although, the important point is that the politicians must conclude that there is significant opposition to prosecuting Kyle. A coordinated letter after letter writing campaign and follow-up telephone calls can be very effective.

        As an example myself and 7 other individuals were able to stop our city’s plan with a giant telecommunications company to install 5G towers in many of our local parks. The local glad handers on the city council were very much in support of the company’s plan. We did this by convincing the city council that their was significant opposition to the 5G towers being installed in the parks, and that the oppositions was a real threat to their reelection. The reality was that the opposition was 8 very committed and organized people.

        2. Compile a list of all the Wiscon[sin] politicians, judges, DA staff and attorneys and then begin a coordinated letter and telephone call campaign directed at them. These people do not want the light directed at themselves. When the letters and calls begin arriving at their houses they will understand that their actions do in fact have consequences. Keep in mind, all letters and calls must be polite but firm in nature. Remember many of the corrupt people will have to campaign for reelection. Convince them that their reelections are at risk.

        3. Publish the list of names and addresses on as many sites as possible.

        4. Letter campaign to the local news outlets to explain that Kyle is being sacrificed to the international socialist. Follow this up by publishing the names and addresses of all the media reporters that support ABR. Shame them for their desire to destroy towns, counties, states and country.

        5. Have local patriots attend all court proceedings to show support for Kyle.

        6. Talk to everyone that you come into contact with about the ABR who they are, and how Wiscon[sin] politicians are railroading a 17 year old boy who was forced to defend himself from a mob of convicted ABR sexual predators.

        7. Change the narrative to how Kyle is a political prisoner and shame the politicians who are intent on destroying his life and the state of Wiscon[sin] for the international socialist takeover of America.

        8. There are many other actions that can be added to this list.

        My point is, there are many ways to fight this battle, other than going to arms. Going to arms may be required at some point in the future but now is not the time.

        We need to use the tools that we have available to us. And we have many tools in our tool kit. The internet is a very powerful tool. And as NC Scout stated words have meaning. But more importantly words have power.

        Currently, ABR and their supporters are very effective at managing the narrative and perceptions. The reason for this is we have done nothing, however, we can take control of both because we are right in our beliefs.

        Many of the people that post comments on this site have exceptional experience and training. This is priceless, so lets coordinate our efforts to take control of the narrative and perceptions and help Kyle Rittenhouse and save our towns, counties, states, and county. Remember a few dedicated people can change the narrative and control the perceptions.

        Remember, the more we fail, the stronger we become.

        • Bill says:

          democratic political whores have no shame nor do they have any ethics, morals and values, they are all trying to change the narrative is like throwing crap into the wind , it will only come back on you. as long as this brood of demon possessed vipers have the media protecting them nothing is going to change. the media is the fourth rail of politics and it solely there for the protection racket of that pathetic anti white racist party. only war will stop them, but i dont know what the true spark will ignite it. Could be when a bunch of white folks children are slaughtered by the white antifa commies and BLM black racist commies, then it will happen.

          • Mr. Nobody says:

            The MSM is evil. Everything they say seems to contribute to the chaos and hatred that has surrounded us. They call Trump a racist without cause. There is much proof to the contrary that he is not a racist. They spew things that are known to be lies unapologetically. For example: all over the radio news today they are saying that Trump has not agreed to a “peaceful” transition of power if he loses. This puts in the minds of the listeners that Trump is going to use the military or his voters to create war against his opponents. What a bunch of BS. All that trump is implying is that he will fight in the court if he thinks he has been cheated. If they were honest they would say “Trump will not concede the election without a legal challenge”. They constantly stir the pot. People develop hatred in their hearts because of some of the lies of the MSM. Police men/women die because of the lies told about them. This is EVIL EVIL EVIL.

          • Bill says:

            Right On!!!!

        • Starting to look like the only way to get the attention--and the support--of the powers that be is through burning and looting…

    • Robert says:

      You’re running your mouth without offering any suggestions? “Let’s help Kyle!” And you put nothing up. It’s easy to ask others to do what you suggest, yet actually do nothing yourself. isn’t it? Hypocrite…. Even a simple web search would return results on how to help Kyle. But you did not bother. You should look in the mirror and start with that problem.
      The second I heard about Kyle, I immediately looked into how I could help. He needs money! Money for a good defense attorney because he’s innocent. And I donated immediately what I could and then I forwarded the link to my address book! And weeks later here you are…. “How can we help Kyle?” SLOTH! That is your new name!

      • Truth-in-Tension says:


        Thank you for your reply. I will give it the consideration it deserves, however, I would like to thank you for donating funds to the defense fund. I have donated as well, I have also made an attritional donation to Gun Owners of America because they are also helping with Kyle’s defense. I should mention that I am working on all the items that I listed in my comments above. Will that change the narrative and people perceptions? I do not know. But, at least I am trying. So, what are you doing to help besides making a donation? My guess, nothing.

        It is no surprise that ABR is on the march when considering that our side spends to much energy attacking each other instead of supporting each other. By the way, there is no American patriot that completely agrees with all other patriots on how to stop ABR. We need find support where we can find it.

  7. Bill says:

    Time for talking with the communist demon-rat party is over and has been over for quite a long time, i have written comments about this for a long time and now we are living thru the strategically planned riots by BLM and Antifa by there overseers , the demon-rat party and every democrat political leader at the local, state and federal level as well as there evil black robed demon judges whom are communist subversives. It’s not that we want to go to war we will be forced into it and that wont be to our own making or desire. you see, when they come banging on your door coming to murder, Loot and rape you and your family what will you do then So this is why i state we will all be forced into this war for our own survival as well as our family and friends, anything short of this will be a disservice to our families and friends.
    Everyone one chooses his own fate in life, and the good Lord reminds us it is a sin for a man not to protect his family and if need be go to war for this just cause.. We have the Constitution on our side, they have lawlessness and murder on there side And do not depend on the corrupted FBI, DOJ, DHS, CIA to come to your aide because these bunch of treasonous Marxist scum have been bowing there knees to the communist antifa and BLm for the longest time, they are not to be trusted what so ever and when the time arrives they will all be hanged for treason. There is over 70% of these agents from all federal law enforcement agencies that are all bad and gone rogue.this same bunch take bad orders from there communist over Lords against the american people whom they hate and despise, remember the look at a s as the deplorable s, when in fact it’s what they all are.

  8. WilliamtheResolute says:

    We are only constrained by a respect for the rule of law, when that breaks down and there is a failure of civility then the patriot will pick up his rifle and go about the task of eliminating this evil.

    We, as law abiding people have been taught to play defense in a normal world, offense comes when the police stop protecting and the wolf is at the door. May the good Lord protect you, you’re going to need it before this year is out.

    • Bill says:

      the respect for the rule of law has come and gone since the election of Trump, you see they want all of us to respect only there vile and filthy degenerate laws the demon-rats pass, but they wont observe the laws of the nation. these fools are a bunch of wild asses seeking to devour whom ever thy want when they want because there is no one stopping them at the local state an federal levels at this moment.we will be forced to stop them even if we dont want to, its take them out or they will take us out. very soon every one of our leaders who have joined in on this plot to overthrow our constitution must be hanged for treason and this is not hyperbole.

  9. Gryphon says:

    Open Fighting against the commies in the streets is non-productive, until the Chaos begins to render the ‘government’ Irrelevant. As Long as the [[[bolsheviks]]] control the po-Lice and Courts, anyone who even Defends themselves (never mind goes Killing Communists) will be given the “Rittenhouse Treatment”, Made an Example Of.

    There is Not sufficient Cohesive Thought among the People to even do something as Simple as Storming the Jail where he is held, releasing him, and holding hostage every government thug therein until the City ‘gives up on’ letting the commies run wild.

    Until people get Hungry while sitting in the Dark and Cold, Nothing changes.

  10. Greg says:

    “How many divisions does the Pope have?--Josef Stalin….so, how many fighter wings and bomber wings do you have available for your use?

    • Gryphon says:

      …”how many fighter wings and bomber wings do you have available for your use?”

      Maybe you could ask Sir Charles the Gook, or Jihadi Joe Mohammed about that one.

      Air Power does Not Win irregular Warfare.

      And it isn’t hard to Find Out where the Pilots’ Families live, either….

  11. Grant Roberts says:

    We – The United States – are under attack, yes. But we are by no means defeated. We, the real American Patriots, have not even begun to fight. We certainly have the firepower. You don’t think we’ve been planning, preparing and stocking for the REAL FIGHT to come? At the moment, the local fascists ANTIFA and BLM are small-fry compared to the possible enemy armies that might lie in our future – Blue Helmet UN soldiers (remember the Kigali Principles agreed to by Obama); ISIS and Hezbollah fighters who have crossed our porous southern border; not to mention the Mexican cartels who we KNOW already have a huge presence in the U.S. (remember communist Kalifornia).

    I know a few good people live in Portland and Seattle and other liberal cities I’m sorry for them. But the federal funding in those cities will soon be withdrawn. And Barr is investigating to determine who besides George Sorros is funding the anarchists and their movements from city to city and arming them. This will all come out in the next month – before the election. We will see that Biden is being bankrolled by the Ford Foundation and other organizations that want to bring down the U.S.

    HOLD YOUR FIRE FOR NOW. Ammo is in short supply at the moment Keep an eye out in October/November for restock. Don’t waste it on ANTIFA and BLM who are just destroying liberal marxist cities, run by liberal marxist politicians. Don’t waste the ammo, don’t waste the energy, don’t waste the blood. Continue to prepare. Plan and refine your OPSEC. Get your gear ready and Start thinking outside the maze. We haven’t seen anything yet.

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  13. Marcel Cousineau says:

    NOTHING, NOT A WORD about how all of this division, civil war, hate, coming bloodshed is right & just , long overdue judgments from God on a reprobate filthy nation that has turned FAR AWAY FROM HIM

    How blind Wes and the majority of Christians & worthless Republicans are.

    • DRenegade says:

      It appears that you are a Democrat troll looking for attention. Good luck with your righteous indignation.

    • David says:

      That topic has been brought up here several times.You must be new or just someone else trying to cause division.
      Just wondering if you feel so guilty for your part in where our society has gone wrong if when they come for you and your family, are you just going to stand there and let them gut your children or will you defend them?

    • Grant Roberts says:

      Marcel Cousineau --

      Yes, it will be “right & just” when the true patriots, who love this Country our Founding Fathers established and built on the foundation of their belief in the one, true God, have defeated our enemies. And we will!

      Remember: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

      It is the left-leaning socialist liberals, communistic satan-worshiping democrats like yourself that have turned your backs on God, or never had a relationship with Him in the first place. Thank you for pointing out that you ARE the root of all the problems in this Country -- AND AROUND THE WORLD for that matter. The “right & just” part will be when we have removed all of you from our society and restored trust in God and the Constitution.

  14. mike says:

    Yeah, that whole 60’s counter culture thing that created every stupid policy this nation has swallowed in the last 55 years, that was the Republicans. Sure, sure.

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